Recent Before & After Photos

Highland City Storm Damage

The visible damage to this Highland City home resulted from stormy weather that drenched the attic and ceiling with a deluge of water. The sagging overhead lath... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Bartow Home

Mold damage was the result of a water supply hose to the washing machine leaking. The water damage affected the laundry room, bedroom, living room, and bathroom... READ MORE

Bartow Water Damage from Rain Water

This house in Bartow was situated by a high gradient for that area of Florida. The rainwater that entered the lower level of this structure was not drained by t... READ MORE

Mold Growth in an Office Bathroom

This small employees only bathroom in a Bartow travel agency developed a mold growth, from, of course, a supply line water leak, that went ignored. Since it was... READ MORE

Fire Damage to a Food Bank in Bartow

The exhaust fan on the wall shorted out caused a fire within the wall that spread to the ceiling and attic. We demoed the damaged drywall and removed the materi... READ MORE

Highland City Storm Damage

This wing of a home in Highland City was flooded from rainwater that did not properly drain away from home because of poor grading. We recommended to the homeow... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Bartow Home

Mold damage at this Bartow home was discovered around the floor molding. Today we have hi-tech moisture detection devices that can help us define where hidden m... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Bartow Retail Facility

Commercial water damage at this Bartow retail facility required an entire pack out of all the inventory. We moved all of the inventory to our warehouse to resto... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Bartow Home

Fire damage occurred at this Bartow home resulted when an electrical fire began in the controls of the air conditioning system of the home. The fire became quit... READ MORE

Bartow Storm Water

The water rolled in from a broken picture window in the bedroom and soaked the carpet with relatively clean rain water. The Bartow homeowner requested that we s... READ MORE