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We Can Clean And Restore Your Bartow Home After A Fire

5/30/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage We Can Clean And Restore Your Bartow Home After A Fire Specialized cleaning can restore your home to a preloss condition without resorting to expensive replacements, contact SERVPRO at (863) 510-5962.

Cleaning Ceilings From Smoke Residues After Fire Damage In Bartow

The lion's share of fire restoration is dealing with smoke damage. Unlike the fire itself, smoke tends to travel further from the source, causing staining and ceiling on your walls and ceilings. Remediating these damages can be tough with regular household cleaning products and require a range of wet, dry and peroxide methods. Additionally, refinishing or resurfacing may be necessary depending on whether the wall or ceiling is papered, acoustic, or painted.

Residential properties with fire damage in Bartow should be treated individually. Different surfaces require different approaches and factors like the air pressure or temperature of fire can have a significant impact on the right approach. There is no one-size-fits-all method, which is why a quality restorer needs qualifications to proceed. SERVPRO technicians benefit from gaining the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification qualifications that help to make an informed decision in how they proceed.

Dry cleaning is a low-risk procedure that is nonabrasive to ceiling materials. SERVPRO usually begin a service using dry cleaning sponges on minor to medium scale soiling. Soots that are responsive to dry cleaning are those that come from the burning of natural materials. If the results of a pre-test show soiling to be grease-based, then dry cleaning can simple shift soots around meaning that is more abrasive cleaning method is required.

Dry cleaning can be effective as a stand-alone method, but usually, it is followed by wet cleaning. Where robust surfaces like metal, painted or wooden ceilings, wet cleaning can remove heavy soots as well as oil-based soiling. On porous surfaces, a wet cleaning procedure can cause unnecessary damages by dissolving finish or coating. In these situations, SERVPRO provides technicians with peroxide active cleaning solution.

Acoustical ceilings are increasingly common in private residences. These materials can be porous and absorb soots, especially in high-pressure fires. Fire Restoration Technicians (FRT) can dust tiles to remove loose soils before spraying on Oxi-Zap treatment. This method is exceptionally good at removing nicotine staining, grease or oil-based soiling and bleach the panels without risking further damages that may be caused with more abrasive wet-cleaning methods.

Specialized cleaning can restore your home to a preloss condition without resorting to expensive replacements, contact SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands at (863) 510-5962.

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Our Fire Damage Professionals Can Restore Your Home In Bartow To Pre-Damage Condition

5/7/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Our Fire Damage Professionals Can Restore Your Home In Bartow To Pre-Damage Condition Call us at (863) 510-5962, year-round, 24/7, to get your home’s contents clean and odor-free again.

Managing The Restoration Of Your Belongings After Fire Damage Occurs In Your Home In Bartow

Homeowners in Bartow own many diverse things, from fragile heirloom items to the latest technology, and everything in between. Each one can sustain damage during a disaster, requiring specific types of cleaning and other restorative work. At SERVPRO, we have the skills and equipment available to make everything “Like it never even happened.”

The belongings kept in your residence in Bartow can sustain smoke and fire damage, even during small fires. Extensive areas of your home do not need to become charred and turned to ashes for your possessions to become covered in soot. Even slight layers of smoke residue can create problems for you.

Soot is highly abrasive, although it feels otherwise. This is because the particles that corrode surfaces are microscopic, albeit extremely sharp. We remove the soot, including those particles that would mar wood furniture, chrome, and other highly polished surfaces. Smoke residue slowly becomes denser and less viscous, drying on the surface. Hardened residue can lead to problems with mechanical items, from toys to kitchen equipment. The sooner SERVPRO can begin cleaning such things, the faster we can finish each affected room’s contents for you.

Many times, odors also affect the items in a house while a fire burns. Even things located far away can end up smelling off and unpleasant. Thermal fogging can kill unwanted smoke odors from your residence and leave things smelling like they did before the accident.

We have the machinery to clean children’s toys, including stuffed items, removing the soot and any other foreign substances. Afterward, many things feel, smell, and look like they did when you first purchased them. Our ultrasonic equipment works for other items, also. Anything that you can wash in water can also get restored in the water bath in our equipment.

SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands always has a smoke and fire restoration crew ready to serve residents in Highland City, Mulberry, and Frostproof when smoke and soot affect their belongings. Call us at (863) 510-5962, year-round, 24/7, to get your home’s contents clean and odor-free again.

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Our Technicians Discuss Common Causes Of Fire Damage In Your Lakeland Home

3/19/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Our Technicians Discuss Common Causes Of Fire Damage In Your Lakeland Home If you do happen to suffer from a fire, call SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands at (863) 510-5962 any day of the week.

Lakeland's Fire Damage Team Explains Common Causes And Prevention

The odds your house in Lakeland will suffer from a fire are less than one percent, but precautions are still necessary. Even though the odds a person's home will suffer from fire damage are only one in four in a lifetime, if it does happen it can be devastating. Once flames break out inside a building, they can quickly spread. If the inferno is hot enough and receives enough oxygen, then it can consume many of the building materials and contents of your home. If even minor fire damage ever occurs, it is wise to call in a professional company such as SERVPRO.

Any time something ignites inside or outside your structure, flammable items are at risk. Sometimes your fire damage problem in Lakeland can be very severe, whereas other times the issues can be minuscule. However, even the smallest fires can cause issues that will stick around well after the blaze gets extinguished unless mitigation occurs. Even just a little bit of smoke can ruin objects inside your house. According to our SERVPRO experts, the best way to prevent anything on your property from burning is to know the common causes of structural blazes.

When you know what can commonly cause flammable items to ignite, it is easier to keep it from happening. Cooking and cooking equipment are the leading causes of house fires. When cooking always stay in the kitchen and keep any flammable items away from heat sources.

Technically, the second most common cause is careless smoking but since that can be easily prevented the second leading cause is heating equipment. Portable heaters are one common source as well as fireplaces. It is wise to keep your fireplace clean and to not place portable heaters near anything combustible.

Next, on the list are electrical system failures. If fuses start to trip easily or lights start to randomly dim, then that could be a warning sign. Making sure all of your plugs are working properly and the cords on electrical appliances are in good condition can save you from electrical shorts.

If you do happen to suffer from a fire, call SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands at (863) 510-5962 any day of the week.

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Let SERVPRO Inspect Your South Lakeland Home Today

12/21/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Let SERVPRO Inspect Your South Lakeland Home Today Dangerous electrical outlet causes house fire.

Ungrounded Outlets Could Cause Fires in Your South Lakeland Home

There are still many homes through the South Lakeland area that got constructed before building regulations were as strict as they have become. The more that gets understood about the risks of unprotected outlets, for example, the more regulations that get created to ensure that they all get installed properly for every new construction in the area. Unfortunately, many homes were constructed before grounding individual outlets became a requirement for professional contractors in 1951. 

While they pose no risks when they are not in use, ungrounded outlets can get directly linked to fire damages in your South Lakeland home when they get overloaded. Within a short period, and without the need for a power surge, ungrounded outlets that get overloaded can overheat to the point of combustion with the plastic cover and the construction materials surrounding their metal encasement such as drywall. The spread of this fire can vary, but the effects require professional restoration services like our SERVPRO professionals to return to original condition. 

From the time that our team arrives after the incident, we can quickly determine the spread of the effects throughout the house and determine the stability of the affected materials. Structural assessment is a key component to our mitigation and restoration work, as controlled demolition is often necessary after a structure fire to restore a property entirely. While these damaged elements get removed, air cleaning machines like our air scrubbers and hydroxyl generators get running continually to reduce particulates, smoke particles, dust, and debris from the fire itself and the current demolition efforts. 

Our SERVPRO contracting division offers licensed and experienced electricians who can install safe receptacles into your home and ground them appropriately as part of the reconstruction process. While there might be many causes to a fire in your home, you can always count on our SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands fire restoration technicians to be among the best choices to restore the damage. Give us a call today at (863) 510-5962.

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How We Get Started Removing Smoke Residues From Your Lakeland Home After A Fire

11/6/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How We Get Started Removing Smoke Residues From Your Lakeland Home After A Fire Fire damage does not stop the moment the fire has been put off by the firefighters.

How Smoke Residues Form In Your Lakeland Property When It Experiences Fire Damage

Fire damage does not stop the moment the fire has been put off by the firefighters. The resulting soot particles and the water that was used to extinguish the fire may subject your property to additional damage. You need to work with restoration professionals to salvage your items and return your Lakeland Property to its pre-fire state.
All fire damage events that take place in Lakeland are not the same. Therefore, our SERVPRO technicians must come up with unique solutions that fit the different challenges. To understand the incident better, we have to perform a site inspection to determine the degree of destruction. It is a very crucial step since it helps us to come up with an action plan. When such incidents occur, the security of your property is compromised since roofs, walls, and windows may experience significant damage. We can board up the missing walls and windows as well as place tarps over the damaged roofs.
At this point, our SERVPRO technicians can locate and identify the different kinds of smoke residues in the structure. If your property experienced a fast burning fire, there are high chances of finding dry smoke residues at the site. These types of residues are dry and powdery, and they usually do not stain pale surfaces. Though they are easy to clean, it can be challenging when they fall on porous areas and into cracks.
Slow burning fires are usually associated with low temperatures and lead to the formation of wet smoke residues. Usually, they have a strong odor and are sticky and thick. They can easily smear on areas and can be challenging to clean. Some fire incidents can lead to the formation of protein residues. Protein residues have offensive and powerful odors and are virtually invisible, though they can discolor finishes, varnishes, and paints. The type of residues at the site determine the cleaning methods that our SERVPRO technicians use. Some of the techniques include thermal fogging, HEPA vacuuming, dry cleaning, and wet cleaning.
Irrespective of the type of smoke residues in your property, SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands perform comprehensive inspections and uses specialized equipment to clean and restore your contents. If you want your home or business "Like it never even happened," call us at (863) 510-5962.

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How to Address the Different Levels of Fire Damage in Lakeland

8/10/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How to Address the Different Levels of Fire Damage in Lakeland After you, your family and any pets are safe and the firefighters have left, contact SERVPRO for all of your fire damage restoration needs.

Team SERVPRO Understands the Remediation Challenges That Each of the Three Primary Levels of Fire Damage can Present

Different levels of fire damage result when your items or structure burns. It is because the combustion process can wholly or partially consume materials. Additionally, the fire extinguishing agents can cause further damage to the structure, and that makes the restoration process a bit complex. We are going to discuss the different situations we encounter when addressing fire events in Lakeland.
The three primary levels of fire damage in Lakeland that our SERVPRO technicians attend to are minor fire damage, medium fire damage, and major fire damage. Minor problems arise when the smoke particles affect certain parts or rooms within the structure. It means the cleaning process involves the removal of light to moderate smoke residues. During such incidents, replacement of minor items takes place, and we may use wet or dry cleaning techniques to restore the walls, floors, ceilings, and other materials.
Under medium fire damage incidents, our SERVPRO technicians use wet cleaning techniques to clean the moderate some residues that the event leaves behind. Also, the items that require replacement as well as the areas that need repainting increase. Odors are usually noticeable, and it may be necessary to perform deodorization after cleaning.
We associate major fire damage incidents with strong and pungent smoke odors together with evenly distributed smoke particles within the structure. Several emergency services are also necessary when such events take place - such as removing the charred debris and establishing an electricity source. Where necessary, our SERVPRO technicians may recommend off-site cleaning of the salvageable contents. We also use multiple deodorization techniques to address the challenges that the smoke odors present.
Whether we are cleaning your contents or offering structural cleaning services, we have primary goals - to prevent further damage, secure the structure, and return your property to its preloss state. When the restoration work is beyond our scope of operations, we usually recommend subcontracting some specialty restoration services.
SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands is a reliable industry leader that readily responds to mold, storm, fire, and water damage. Call us at (863) 510-5962 when you need your commercial or residential property to appear “Like it never even happened.”

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Handling Dry Smoke and Wet Smoke after a Fire Damage Incident in Winter Haven

7/8/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Handling Dry Smoke and Wet Smoke after a Fire Damage Incident in Winter Haven Facing fire damage can be stressful. Contact SERVPRO to help you deal with the insurance and to remediate the damage.

SERVPRO Technicians Recognize the Fire Residues and Use Appropriate Cleaning Methods to Remediate the Damage

Never make a mistake of imagining that all fire damage incidents are the same. Depending on what the fire consumed, you might end up with different soot residues after the disaster. With that in mind, you now understand why it is easier to clean some smoke particles than others. Wet and dry smoke residues are most common when such incidents take place in Winter Haven.
If the fire damage incident in your Winter Haven home consumes synthetic materials, then there are high chances that wet smoke is the outcome. Cleaning this type of smoke is a bit challenging when we compare it to dry smoke. In fires where the amount of oxygen is sufficient, the result is dry smoke and wet smoke results when the combustion process is oxygen-starved. Let us look at the various procedures that our SERVPRO technicians use to clean these two types of residues.
Most materials are salvageable in incidents where dry smoke particles exist. In such cases, the particles resting on the surfaces are dry, and they carry few deposits and aerosols. Additionally, the odor is less pungent, and our SERVPRO technicians employ less aggressive cleaning methods. Since there was sufficient oxygen during combustion, the fire was so hot, and there are chances that the heat damage was so severe.
High proportions of aerosols, solvents and different forms of liquid components characterize wet smoke residues. Since they usually result from a slow-burning fire, it means the smoke had enough time to find its way to enclosed areas such as cracks and cause enough contamination. Despite the minimal heat damage, it is hard for our SERVPRO technicians to restore most of your contents after this kind of fire. That is why there are chances of the unfinished and finished surfaces absorbing the particles leading the formation of hard to remove stains. We have the skills to analyze what is restorable and want you should replace.
SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands has highly trained technicians who respond to mold, storm, fire, and water damage disasters. You can find out more about our industry proven services by calling (863) 510-5962.

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Remediating Fire Damage Odors In Lakeland Homes

6/6/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Remediating Fire Damage Odors In Lakeland Homes Remediating Lakeland fire damage effects takes much more than throwing out burned property and painting over walls and ceilings.

Remediating Fire Damage Odors

Lakeland residents usually face damage from storms and other extreme weather during certain times of the year. Each area home is also at risk from fires, and this threat is a year-round concern.

Remediating Lakeland fire damage effects takes much more than throwing out burned property and painting over walls and ceilings. Smoke and soot residues can damage property and also leave behind strong odors. SERVPRO restoration teams train to block and remove these odors so they can return every home to its pre-fire condition.

Removing debris from the fire is only the first step. Burned or charred property exudes the worst odors, so our teams dispose of it as quickly as possible. That includes personal property such as furniture and clothing and structural property to include everything from floorboards to support structures depending on the severity of the fire.

Next, SERVPRO specialists clean and remove odor-producing residues on the otherwise undamaged property. Cleaning requirements depend on the type of residue. If a fire burned fast and hot, the residue it leaves behind is often powdery and easy to wipe away with a dry or damp sponge. Slower burning fires usually leave behind a sticky residue that requires stronger cleaning agents to break it up. Our specialists use a brush to remove the residue from the surface and wipe it away.

With some materials and in hard-to-reach areas, our restoration team may recreate how the odors penetrated them to remove them entirely. As an example, smoke can enter the vents of the HVAC system and travel through the entire ductworks. To neutralize the odor-producing residues, our specialists create a fog of deodorizing agents and then force it into the ducts to cover every inch. Fogging is also very effective on upholstered furniture affected by smoke.

For mild odors that are too difficult or expensive to remove, our teams seal the surfaces. Usually, this procedure is for walls, and it requires covering them with latex paint. They also seal surfaces in some cases to prevent the risk of absorbing odors in the future. An example would be covering walls and ceilings in kitchens.

The goal of SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands is to return your home to its pre-fire condition. That means restoring your residence, so it looks, feels, and smells like home. If you need us, call today at (863) 510-5962.

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Restoring The Contents of Your Highland City House After Fire Damages

4/13/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Restoring The Contents of Your Highland City House After Fire Damages SERVPRO Advises Highland City Homeowners to Have Functioning Fire Extinguishers Handy

SERVPRO Expertise Helps Many Homeowners After a Fire Damaging Event to their Properties

Devastating fires in your Highland City home can often leave you unsure of what your next move should be. While you are adamant to restore the damage and bring your home back to the way things used to be, it might not be as simple as it sounds. There are many conditions from fires that force restoring companies to fixate on aspects like reconstruction and repairs, which leave restorations of the contents in the affected areas to happen off-site.
After our SERVPRO team completes an inspection to assess the full scope of the fire damage to your Highland City residence, this information gets shared with the assessor for the insurance company to work jointly in restoring your home back to its former condition. While reconstruction is often a requirement following severe fire damages to the structural elements of your home, its contents are often equally important to those living in the house.
Move-outs is a service that our SERVPRO technicians can offer which can help to restore, clean and deodorize contents that have gotten affected by the recent fire. While part of the team works to restore the damages to structural components of your home and prepare your residence for the reconstruction in areas where this is a requirement, the contents of these areas get moved to our local warehouse facility for restoration.
The objective of removing it from the area is two-fold. First, it gets these items out of the way for more involved and intricate restoration processes to get underway in your home. Secondly, it gives our SERVPRO technicians the space and full use of tools and equipment necessary to clean, deodorize and restore each item pulled from your home for this process.
While move-outs might be merely a portion of the entire work that our dedicated team of restoration specialists does to restore your home to preloss conditions, it is a vital component to getting back to your regular life. When your home is affected by a fire, trust SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands to help you clean up the mess and get things back to the way they used to be. Give us a call anytime at (863) 510-5962.

Large-Loss Fire Help for Properties in the Lakeland and Bartow Areas--Call SERVPRO

2/5/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Large-Loss Fire Help for Properties in the Lakeland and Bartow Areas--Call SERVPRO Bartow-Lakeland Area Homes and Businesses Rely on SERVPRO for Large Fire-Loss Cleanup and Odor Control

Lakeland Fire Damage -- SERVPRO Will Pack-Out, Clean/Restore And Warehouse Your Fire Damaged Valuables.

Home and business owners in the Lakeland and Polk County area feel significant signs of stress and turmoil when affected by extensive harm from a property fire. The damage caused to structure and contents can overwhelm the property owner, and the threat of lingering odors adds to the ongoing worries. Finding a full spectrum restoration company with demonstrated large- loss fire and odor cleanup capabilities are crucial to a successful recovery process and outcome.
SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands offers comprehensive assistance to area residents and business owners picking up the pieces after a substantial fire loss. Considerable water damage often exacerbates the situation, while room after room of your premises exhibits charring and heavy soot residues on surfaces and belongings. The shock of the fire is followed quickly by a crushing sense of fear and confusion.
Our trained and experienced crew not only responds to the tasks necessary to restore your business or home, but also creates a caring a supportive atmosphere for you and your family, employees, or customers as we complete each step of the restoration process. Choosing SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands as your partner to conquer the adversity caused by the fire is the best course for several essential reasons.
Knowledge And Experience
SERVPRO's Fire Manager/Estimator Kim Menefee brings over 17 years experience helping commercial and residential customers recover from fire damage. Her resume takes our services to another level. The workers on our crews hold multiple IICRC certifications pertinent to managing your fire loss expertly, including:
Fire & Smoke Restoration Technician
Odor Control Technician
Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning Technician
Water Damage Restoration Technician

Organizational Skills
Completing a fire restoration and deodorization project to meet or exceed industry standards requires detailed planning and adherence to a realistic and reasonable timetable. SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland is familiar with every aspect of fire and odor recovery. This experience allows us to create a systematic and predictable process focusing on swift, high-quality restoration. The approach saves both time and money and reduces disruption to your daily routines during the project.
Full Service
Our experienced team provides not only clean up, repair, and restoration services for structural issues after a large-loss fire but more services. We also offer comprehensive inventory, pack out, and restoration resources for your valuable and treasured belongings. Moving damaged items from areas of your property affected by the fire permits for more efficient cleaning and remediation. Staging damaged belongings elsewhere allows for a range of specialized restoration processes and treatments that can return the items to preloss condition. Once restored, we warehouse the articles, including documents, electronics, furniture, and clothing until your premises are ready to receive delivery. While we have your possessions and before returning them, the SERVPRO Bailee Insurance Coverage covers them.

Communication And Commitment
Throughout the cleanup and restoration process, you can count on us to provide clear communication. Transparency at every point in the journey from fire damage to full restoration is our pledge and promise to you.

Our owners David Touchton and Jeff Purcell shared "Kim has been a great addition to our team. Her Fire Damage Restoration experience has been a tremendous help to our customers. Our goal is to help minimize the interruption to your life and quickly make it … Like it never even happened."

When fire damages your commercial or residential property, you can count on Kim and our SERVPRO team to take every step necessary to return you to your previous level of comfort and security. Call us at (863) 510-5962 to schedule an assessment.

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Plunging Winter Temperatures in Lakeland Increase Risk of Space Heater Fire Damage

1/10/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Plunging Winter Temperatures in Lakeland Increase Risk of Space Heater Fire Damage Space heaters increase the risk of fire damage in a home when they are misused or malfunction.

You Can Rely on SERVPRO if You Experience Fire Damage This Winter

Residents in the Lakeland area and all of South Florida have struggled recently as temperatures have dropped and homes become chilly. The decisions made to heat a home during one of these unseasonably cold fronts can have dire consequences if a fire sparks. We stand ready to help if smoke, charring, and soot damage your home.

As the temperatures drop, many Lakeland residents plug in a space heater. Fire damage from the misuse or malfunction of one of these portable electric heat sources is common, causing more than 25,000 fires, 6,000 injuries, and close to 400 deaths per year. (Statistics provided by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.) The damage done to structures and contents is usually remediable by our IICRC crews, but avoiding the fire in the first place is naturally preferable.

Space heaters are often used in bedrooms and areas where children play. The housing of the heater heats up and easily ignites flammable materials such as clothing, bedding, toys, carpeting, and window coverings if they are positioned too near the unit. Another mistake SERVPRO crews note that homeowners make is to use extension cords to place the heaters where needed. The amperage drawn by a space heater create a fire hazard by overheating the burning out the wiring unless the cord is plugged directly into a 120 volt grounded outlet. Extension cords also increase the possibility of the heater tipping over if a person or pet trips on the cord.

A space heater fire can smolder when the appliance operates while residents are in other rooms or leave for a time. Dark, oily smoke and sticky soot generate from such a fire, spreading throughout the property. SERVPRO teams use spray and wipe techniques, abrasive products, and tools, or solvent-based strategies to clean surfaces subject to this kind of fire damage. The HVAC system that was inadequate for heating may now need cleaning by our crews as the thick smoke and soot migrate into the ductwork, settling in to cause persistent soot damage every time its switch flips.

Deodorization is essential after remediation of a space heater fire. The acrid “burned cord” smell lingers. SERVPRO odor elimination experts use a series of steps to remove the odor. If disposing of burned materials and thorough cleaning is inadequate, we add thermal fogging or hydroxyl generation to seek out odor particles and neutralize them. Sealing porous surfaces may also be a tactic to use to rid your home of the last odors.

SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands is poised to help victims of a space heater or other electrical fire. Contact us at (863) 510-5962 to schedule an assessment and start planning for speedy remediation.

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Professional Fire Damage Restoration Services Available for Highland City Area Residents

10/9/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Professional Fire Damage Restoration Services Available for Highland City Area Residents Fire damage in your home can be devastating. Contact SERVPRO quickly for remediation and restoration services.

SERVPRO Technicians Are With You Every Step of the Way During the Fire Damage Restoration Process

With all of the effort that goes into cleaning and restoring your Highland City home after a fire, you need to take the time to locate a professional for advice. Unless you understand which steps to take, you might be wasting your time and probably create additional damages.  

Researching information online can give you an overview of what you might experience. However, you need to keep in mind that every situation is different. Each time professionals respond to fire damage issues in a Highland City area home, new unique problems exist.  

A quality fire restoration team can provide you with hints and recommendations that help prevent further damages from developing. Places like SERVPRO can even help you determine which of your belongings are restorable and provide you with estimates or services necessary to clean and deodorize your home thoroughly.  

Some may consider restoration services expensive. However, when you compare these costs with full replacement of damaged furnishings, flooring, and structural components, restoration is substantially less. SERVPRO takes the time to address your specific situation, making recommendations that we define as necessary to return your home to a quality pre-fire condition.  

SERVPRO can help you re-enter your fire-damaged home, safely. We help you avoid many common hazards that exist after a fire event. Our technicians use personal protective equipment to remain safe until we have an opportunity to ventilate the entire area and set up a proper working environment. We combine fast, effective solutions with safety and security.

We have all of the tools, equipment, and experience necessary to manage your entire restoration from beginning to end. Everything from drying wet items and areas as soon as possible, to putting the finishing touches on any repairs needed to complete the job, our technicians work tirelessly to produce quality results.  

SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands services Lakeland, Highlands, Polk County, and other surrounding communities, providing full-service solutions for a variety of emergency situations 24/7, 365, day or night. Call us today for access to fully IICRC certified cleaning and restoration professionals you can trust. (863) 510-5962

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Combating Fire Damage in Highland City with Ample Ash and Smoke

9/6/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Combating Fire Damage in Highland City with Ample Ash and Smoke SERVPRO has the tools to clean your home and eliminate odors left behind after a fire.

Three Fire Damage Mitigation Methods

Stained walls and ceilings are among the most common fire damage problems we encounter in Highland City. Even if the fire avoided burning anything substantial, it might still have caused excessive staining across your walls and ceilings as smoke and burnt residue find a new home around your home. To make matters worse, what at first appears to be a simple issue to resolve typically proves much more challenging, as soot and ash often require special tools and techniques not commonly in a homeowner's possession.

Dry Sponge Treatments

Among our most common approaches to fire damage in Highland City with excessive ash and smoke are dry sponge treatments. Dry sponges are not truly dry, but incorporate a special blend of chemicals to remove material without the use of water. Water only makes some types of smoke and ash damage worse, so these treatments may be employed depending on what material burned and for how long. These treatments may also be put to work on more delicate surfaces, such as furniture.


Smoke almost invariably poses a huge smell problem. The odor of smoke is easily noticed, long-lasting, and extremely difficult to remove. SERVPRO uses deodorizing foggers to combat smoke - machines that create a chemical fog in an area to naturally seek out and eliminate smoke odor particles in the air and embedded within surfaces. These machines are the result of decades of research and have proven to be incredibly effective in the field.

Standard Cleaning

Sometimes, the best way to deal with smoke and ash is to clean the "old fashioned" way, with mops and sponges. SERVPRO stocks industrial cleaning supplies and products to make thorough and fast work of any areas requiring this approach, sparing you the time and effort needed to remove residue.

SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands has helped local homeowners to recover from fire damage for years. For our assistance, give us a call 24/7 at (863) 510-5962.

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Fire Damage in Your South Lakeland Kitchen can Ruin Your Sense of Smell and Affect how Your Food Taste

4/18/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage in Your South Lakeland Kitchen can Ruin Your Sense of Smell and Affect how Your Food Taste SERVPRO recommends that all aspects of fire damage be mitigated to ensure that a home is a safe and healthy environment.

Fire Damage in Your Kitchen? SERVPRO can Assist

Even a small fire in the kitchen can cause unexpected damage to become an ongoing problem in your home. Kitchen fires that get out of control might seem unimportant after they've been extinguished but the smoke they generated can affect your sense of smell. Because smell and taste are related senses, your favorite foods might all end up tasting less than delicious.

Accidents do happen, and some of these can cause fire damage to your South Lakeland home. Any materials in your home that burn produces smoke. Many people might think it is okay only to clean up the mess as best they can and leave the harder aspects of it for another day. This leaves the smoke and soot behind.

SERVPRO recommends that all aspects of fire damage be mitigated to ensure that a home is a safe and healthy environment. We know that soot travels literally everywhere, and kitchens are notorious for already having high amounts of cooking smells. Soot can attach itself to anything, and then waft the scent of burning food through the air. Heating up a kitchen causes more soot particles to be released, increasing the changes in the odor of cooking foods, and subsequently, their taste.

To get your food to start smelling like it should again, SERVPRO can thoroughly clean the area affected, and then repair any structural damage. We have machines that can remove the odor, as well. While many people are familiar with ozone machines, there is a safer alternative that is also highly effective. Hydroxyl causes the disintegration process of soot particles and other contaminants to happen more quickly. When soot disintegrates, it no longer produces the smoky scent that can ruin your time at the family dinner table.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Dinner time is often one of the few times when everyone in the family is present. Preserving this time is important to any family. We can help you undo the effects of fire damage, of both small and large fires, and restore your family's time together. Call us, SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands at (863) 510-5962, so we can help you get dinner-time back to how it should be.

Three Key Stages of Fire Damage Repair in Mulberry Properties

1/31/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Three Key Stages of Fire Damage Repair in Mulberry Properties Smoke & Fire Can Ruin Your Mulberry Home

SERVPRO Provides Full Service Fire Damage Restoration

While burned and charred materials are the most immediate and obvious symptom of extensive fire damage, they are not the only one. In fact, in cases of moderate fire damage, there might not even be any burned possessions. Lingering odor might be the biggest problem and deodorization the first solution.

On the other hand, some cases require all of the restoration techniques that SERVPRO has at its disposal. Extensive fire damage in Mulberry properties can spread to HVAC ducts and destroy structural materials like drywall, flooring, plasterboard, and carpentry. It is why our technicians take a comprehensive approach to fire damage repair. We restore the whole house and not just the bits that you can see.

This guide to the three key stages of fire damage restoration explains what SERVPRO can do for your home.

Reconstruction Services
In an ideal situation, a house fire is caught and extinguished quickly, before it causes severe damage to furnishings. If this is not possible, you may end up needing to replace wallpaper, carpets, ductwork, and insulation. We know that this can be stressful, which is why we aim to provide everything that your home needs, as part of a complete package. However, in the unlikely event that you do require an external provider, we have plenty of contacts within the trade industries.

Odor Removal
Deodorization is a big part of our fire damage services. Removing and replacing damaged materials is only half of the process because lingering smells are just as destructive. Soot and smoke have a tendency to spread quickly, and it can hang around in rooms which weren’t directly affected by the fire. Air movers, air scrubbers, ozone generators, and high powered fans can all be used to eliminate odor causing particles from the atmosphere.

HVAC Duct Scrubbing
Smoke and soot can very easily spread to ductwork as well. Fortunately, SERVPRO can remedy this with the use of fans and ozone generators. The fans direct fast moving air into the ducts, where it dislodges dirt and debris. The job of the ozone generator is to create an oxidizing mist or spray. When the ozone particles make contact with bad smells in the ducts, they break them down and eliminate them.

Depending on the severity of the damage, other services may be required. For instance, the technicians may need to lift the carpet and direct clean air beneath it. They may also need to scrub stained walls with strong detergents. The important thing is that your restoration service is unique to your home and situation.

At SERVPRO of Bartow/Lakeland Highlands, we tailor our services to the needs of the customer. Being local, we can respond quickly to your call in the Mulberry area. Call us 24/7 on (863) 510-5962.

Common Origins of Residential Smoke Damage

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Fire Damage Common Origins of Residential Smoke Damage When a fire ravages a home, it produces large quantities of smoke, typically of multiple types and requiring lengthy cleanup procedures.

The Common Causes of Smoke Damage in Residential Homes 

Smoke damage can persist for many years after a fire, or whatever caused it. Even when all other signs of damage are long gone, the smell of smoke can linger throughout an entire home if it hasn't been thoroughly eliminated. As such, SERVPRO dedicates a significant amount of time to eliminating these odors. However, the source of a fire can change how we approach cleanup, as there are multiple types of smoke and treatment techniques for its damage. Here are some of the most common we see in the average residence.

Smoke Damage from a Burn

Of course, some of the heaviest and toughest smoke damage we encounter comes in tandem with other types of fire damage in Mulberry. When a fire ravages a home, it produces large quantities of smoke, typically of multiple types and requiring lengthy cleanup procedures. Between the dry building materials and wet interior objects of a home, SERVPRO usually has to tackle wet and dry smoke alike after a fire. However, efficient use of fogging machines like those in our possession helps us to remove these intense smoke sources.

Tobacco Smoke Exposure

Many of our lighter smoke damage calls are for homes occupied by long-time smokers and tobacco users. Traditional tobacco smoke such as that from cigarettes and cigars can cause permanent smoke damage in the very walls and ceilings of a home, but thankfully these cases are usually an easy job for our technology.

Other Smoke Intrusions

Sometimes, accidents can happen that create a lot of smoke damage in a room or area of a home. Perhaps an outdoor fire was lit below a window, and wet fuel made for extremely smoky conditions. Or, we sometimes encounter a home which has absorbed smoke from a nearby fire, while escaping any other visible damage. We're able to process these on a case-by-case basis, altering our treatments to minimize costs and time spent on each job.


Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands has years of experience restoring and repairing damage from fires in the local area. For our help in getting your home back to the way it was before, call us at (863) 510-5962.

Fire Damage Caused By Lightning

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Fire Damage Fire Damage Caused By Lightning If lightning strikes your home, it will damage your roof, and it can start a fire.

Lightning Can Cause Significant Fire Damage

Florida is known as the lightning capital of the United States because of its unique geographical location. If lightning strikes your home, it will damage your roof, and it can start a fire. In just a second, your home can be safe and sound, but with one lightning strike, it can cause severe damage. Lightning strikes a home, travels in various directions, affecting the wiring, electrical and plumbing systems.
If lightning travels through your home's wiring system, the result is fire damage in your Polk County home. Electronic and electrical appliances are susceptible to damage from a lightning strike. Your Florida home can be hit with a direct or an indirect lightning strike. An indirect strike can actually strike a nearby power line and with a conductive path, travel into your home. This is why SERVPRO quickly checks for any signs of fire on the roof, the attic and throughout your home.
A direct lightning strike causes three main hazards to a home:

• Fire: It is common for a lightning strike to start a fire in the attic or roof of a home. When lightning strikes or travels through electrical wiring, it will burn them up, presenting a fire ignition along the internal circuit lines.
• Power Surge: A general lightning strike follows a path to the ground. However, along the way, lightning can affect a home's electrical system, causing a surge. This surge will cause significant damage to anything that is connected to it.
• Shock Wave: The sound that lightning creates is so high pitched that it can crack concrete, stone, brick or cinderblock. The sound is called a shock wave, which can also break glass, blow out plaster walls and create trenches in the soil and crack foundations. When lightning blasts any material or item, shrapnel is thrown all around and can even become embedded in walls.
SERVPRO is a one-stop renovation expert, whose highly skilled technicians help restore buildings from fire, water, mold and storm damages. After a lightning strike, a business or home owner should make sure that their property is safe. A remedial company can thoroughly examine the extent of any damage, and they can help in structural repairs and its contents.
SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands can assess the damage to the interior electrical systems, as well as to the structure itself. We will also help you settle your claim so that you can get the compensation you deserve. We will also help restore your home or business to a pre-damaged condition. You can reach us at (863) 510-5962 if you have any questions.

SERVPRO Bartow/Lakeland Highlands 24 Hour Emergency Water Damage Service

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Fire Damage SERVPRO Bartow/Lakeland Highlands 24 Hour Emergency Water Damage Service Don't wait.. Call now!

We are faster to ANY size disaster

SERVPRO of Bartow/Lakeland Highlands specializes in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial property after a fire, smoke or water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.

Call Now (863) 510 - 5962

Expert Restoration Service for Fire Damage

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Fire Damage Expert Restoration Service for Fire Damage Dealing with fire damage? SERVPRO of Bartow/Lakeland Highland can clean and restore your home "Like it never even happened."

Fire Damage Expert Restoration Service 

When you are dealing with fire damage in Polk County, it's important to know the number of a reputable local cleanup and restoration service. You should be aware that the potential for danger does not disappear once the flames are extinguished; fire damage can extend well beyond the initial emergency. The structural integrity of your property may be compromised while noxious fumes linger throughout the structure, making it unsafe for people to inhabit. Your best bet is to call upon a local restoration service to restore the building back to its original condition.

Professional Restoration Service at the Most Critical Moment

Fire damage in Polk County is no laughing matter. Many buildings have been lost to fire damage, not merely during the fire itself but in the critical period afterward where the effects of fire damage, such as mold growth and structural instability, caused the property to be condemned. This sad fate need not happen to your building. To avoid it, you'll have to act fast. You'll need to call upon a professional restoration service at this critical moment to give your property the best chance of a full recovery. 

What a Fire Damage Cleanup Service Will Do for You 

As soon as the flames have been put out, it's an excellent idea to call on a professional Polk County fire damage cleanup service. A team of technicians will immediately assess the nature and extent of the damage your property has received, and then the team will give you an accurate and fair idea of how much it will cost to restore the building. From there, the experts will begin cleanup and restoration efforts that are designed to remove all existing smoke, debris and other evidence of fire damage. The sooner you embark upon these critical tasks, the sooner the building will be ready to inhabit once more.

It's Always Better to Restore Than Remove

Our guiding policy has always been that it is far better to restore your property than to tear it down and remove it altogether. If you have family living with you in the home, you'll certainly want to look after their comfort and convenience. If your property is commercial, you'll be losing employees, customers, and money while waiting for the new building. It's better to restore your existing property and resume business as soon as possible.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

When it's time to deal with the aftermath of fire damage in Polk County, you'll need to engage the services of a local cleanup and restoration service like SERVPRO of Bartow/Lakeland Highlands. Our highly skilled team of service technicians can have your building back to its original condition in a very short period. Whether you are in Bartow, Lakeland, Mulberry, Lake Walls or any other Polk County location, we are here to assist you in your hour of need. Call us at (863) 510-5962 for more information.

How to Save Big On Fire Damage Restoration

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Fire Damage How to Save Big On Fire Damage Restoration When fire ravages your home, devising and executing a fire damage restoration strategy is critical.

Call SERVPRO of Bartow Lakeland Highlands to Address Your Fire Damage Needs

When fire ravages your Winter Haven home, devising and executing a fire damage restoration strategy is critical. As you'd expect, cleaning up after a fire can be difficult. Nevertheless, fire damage can be repaired efficiently by doing the following.

Catalog All Damage in Detail
No matter what type of insurance coverage your home carries, carefully logging every instance of fire damage will help you immensely. When you file a claim, you'll want to show exactly what needs to be fixed.

Begin the Restoration Process ASAP
There are two crucial reasons why delaying the commencement of fire damage restoration procedures isn't advised. First, it can lead to greater structural and aesthetic damage in the long run. Second, failure to act quickly can hurt home resale values.

Don't Skimp on Professional Help
Cutting corners when dealing with Winter Haven Residential fire damage will only hurt you in the end. Even if it seems easier to try to fix it yourself, licensed and bonded fire restoration experts will save you money and time by doing the job right.

Be Cautious When Ditching Fire-Damaged Hardware
Replacing furniture, lumber and metal fixtures can be expensive and time-consuming after a fire ravages a home. Consider having items that have less damage refinished instead of buying all new things. For items that need to be replaced, do a walk-through and make a full list in order of importance of what needs to be replaced immediately.

Have Your Restoration Work Audited
As the fire restoration process comes to a close, having a home inspection professional sign off on the work is key. Even if you've chosen a top notch fire restoration outfit, having a third party verify the work will ensure that nothing was missed and that your insurance claim is handled quickly.

The most important variable when fixing your Winter Haven fire damage is getting the right company for the job. At SERVPRO of Bartow/Lakeland Highlands, we pride ourselves on doing the best work possible regardless of the damage. Call us at (863) 510-5962 to see what we bring to the table.

Smoke Damage Restoration

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Fire Damage Smoke Damage Restoration Smoke Detectors Prevent Smoke Damage and Save Lives

Smoke Damage Restoration is Urgent

Smoke damage gets personal if it's your Lake Wales home that has experienced this event. When your home incurs fire damage, other than the obviously burnt materials and objects, resulting smoke can be a major issue. Your property, after a large house fire, will probably be covered in smoke, soot, and ash. However, learning more about how smoke damage progresses as well as where you can obtain restoration services can prevent these issues from becoming problematic for you. Get the information, compliments of SERVPRO, you need to make smoke damage a thing of the past by referring to the following outline:

How Smoke Or Ash Damage Progresses
• During the first few minutes of smoke or ash damage, the acid from the exothermic chemical reaction contained within ash and soot will start to yellow several types of plastics, including your small appliances. If not cleaned quickly, porous materials such as marble or alabaster can become permanently discolored.
• Several hours after the damage starts, the acid from the soot will stain your walls, kitchen grout or bathroom. It can also oxidize metal, yellow fiberglass, discolor your furniture, or damage your major appliances. Smoke can complete circuits on small electronic components rendering them useless.
• Within several days, your painted surfaces will be subjected to acidic soot. They will then start to yellow. Additional forms of deterioration include the corrosion and pitting of metals. Your wood may also be in need of refinishing. Finally, you may have to replace your vinyl floors.
• Within a few weeks, the smoke damage deepens. For example, your carpets can be permanently discolored, and clothing must be dry-cleaned to remove odors and soot Additionally, your silver-plated possessions can be subjected to irreversible corrosion. Also, items like glass and china may become etched from the acidic reaction of smoke and soot.
Odor Removal is an effort that requires professional expertise, training, and the right industrial grade equipment. The smoke and soot will permeate throughout your house via A/C ductwork, voids, in walls, service conduits, and general air flow.

The Importance Of Hiring a Professional Smoke Damage Restoration Services. As made plain by the information listed above, smoke damage can have a profoundly adverse impact on your property. Moreover, time is of the essence. The longer you allow the smoke damage to set in, the more complications and deterioration you will experience. For this reason, finding a high-quality smoke damage restoration company is important. To ensure that you obtain the excellent, expedient services you need, look for a smoke damage restoration company like SERVPRO that possesses the following attributes:

• 24/7 emergency response usually within one hour
• IICRC-certification for clean up and wipe down of soot and ash
• Fair prices working with you and your insurance company
• Excellent online reviews and historic results
• A good Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Call SERVPRO For Fast, Friendly Service. If it's time for you to hire an excellent smoke damage restoration services for your Lake Wales property, there's only one team to call: SERVPRO. Our IICRC-certified technicians will provide you with professional, speedy restoration services that get your property back in great shape.

Locally Owned, with National Resources

We live and work in Lake Wales too; we might even be neighbors. As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Bartow/Lakeland Highlands is close by and ready to respond to your fire damage emergency. Call us 24/7 for immediate help. (863) 510-5962

SERVPRO To Clean Up After A Home Fire, Don't Try It Yourself

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Fire Damage SERVPRO To Clean Up After A Home Fire, Don't Try It Yourself If property is left untreated for too long, its restoration will be more costly and time-consuming.

Cleaning Up After a Fire

In the aftermath of a fire, wooden furniture may require refinishing. Metal may rust, pit and corrode. Painted walls may yellow. Clothing may be ruined, and flooring may require refinishing. 

If property is left untreated for too long, its restoration will be more costly and time-consuming. Extensive contact with soot can permanently damage items. Eventually, replacement of property becomes the only option.

Hiring a Professional

Quick cleanup by a professional is the best way to minimize the impact of the destruction. Hiring a certified cleanup company, such as SERVPRO, that specializes in fire and smoke restoration In Mulberry they effectively stop additional damage so repairs can begin. 

Professional Certification

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, which is abbreviated “IICRC,” is recognized around the world for its goal to standardize the cleanup industry. An IICRC-certified professional, such as SERVPRO, is apt to provide more efficient, complete fire and smoke cleanup than non-certified competitors.

IIRC Recommendations

• Do not attempt cleanup without work gloves and adequate respiratory protection. Smoke particles can lodge in the lungs and cause breathing problems.

• Upon entering the property, place fans in all open doorways and windows to remove harmful airborne contaminants. Adequate airflow reduces the potential of injury and discourages progressive damage from smoke.

• Use specially designed soot cleaning sponges and soapy water to clean smoky contaminants from surfaces. Work from the highest points of contamination downward.

• Using an efficient vacuum, suction upholstery and carpet to prevent re-contamination of cleaned areas. Replace the vacuum cleaner filter periodically.

• Launder all washable fabrics. Fine materials should be taken to a professional dry cleaner.

• Wash the building exterior with a wand and water hose. The agitation of attached soot halts progressive smoke damage.

Though heavy residues always require professional removal, even small degrees of smoke damage can be removed by certified technicians, like SERVPRO. Inappropriate cleaning measures can damage property further. 

The IICRC-certified technicians at SERVPRO have the training and experience needed to restore damaged property. If structural disfiguring has occurred, consulting a general contractor may be required. Nevertheless, insurance coverage normally pays the full restoration cost minus the preset deductible. With professional help, it’s not difficult to restore a damaged property. 

Our Fire Damage Restoration Services

Since each smoke and fire damage situation is a little different, each one requires a unique solution tailored for the specific conditions. When various materials burn, the soot and residue they create differs greatly and requires a specific cleaning procedure. The steps listed below illustrate our process for the “typical” fire damage restoration. Learn more about our fire damage restoration process.

  1. Emergency Contact
  2. Inspection and Fire Damage Assessment
  3. Immediate Board-Up and Roof Tarp Service (if needed)
  4. Water Removal and Drying (if water damage is present)
  5. Removal of Smoke and Soot from All Surfaces
  6. Cleaning and Repair
  7. Restoration

Preventing Fire Damage? Tips for Smoke Damage and Restoration

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Fire Damage Preventing Fire Damage? Tips for Smoke Damage and Restoration The Do's and Don'ts after a fire.

Even after a lot of care and prevention, sometimes fire can hit homes and there is nothing one can do about it except called a professional fire damage restoration company in Lakeland and inform the insurers. Homeowners, however, can do some things which would make life easy for the restorers of fire damage. The following are some tips for homeowners in case of fire and smoke damage.


Do Call the Professionals ?

Homeowners without proper training and tools are not equipped to handle with fire and smoke damage. Professionals with proper equipment should be called immediately. After that, the insurance company covering the fire damage should be informed about the calamity.

Do Open Windows ?

If entering is safe, then the windows should be opened to let in fresh air and ventilate the entire house. All windows and doors should be opened.

Do Cover Clean Items ?

When the restoration company arrives, the professionals will try to prevent further damage. At this time, the homeowners can use a plastic film to cover all the items that have not experienced any damage from the fire. It would make everyone’s job easier and would also prevent any soiling from contaminated items.

Do Change Air Filter ?

If the filter of the house is operating, it should be changed regularly. The furnace filter should be changed once every day until no soot shows up on it.

Do Clean Up ?

Cleaning up should be done only when the homeowner is wearing proper gear. This includes protective devices to allow proper breathing. Then, the area should be cleaned to stop the damage from spreading and settling. Simply sweeping and brushing can always be helpful.


Don’t Attempt to Clean Walls ?

Many people attempt to clean off the smoke and fire damage from the walls but this should not be done. Professionals have special chemicals and sponges for this very purpose. If the homeowner uses any incorrect methods or tools, the damage could be made worse.

Don’t Enter The Building Without Permission ?

The fire marshal or any other authority present in the premises should be consulted before entering the building. The structure needs to be sound enough.

Don’t Use Electrical Equipment ?

Electrical appliances should not be turned on. Same goes for ceiling fans, wires and anything else. The homeowner should refrain from touching anything with bare hands before the restoration company arrives.

Don’t Put On Damaged Clothes ?

Clothes would need special ozone treatment in case of damage from smoke and fire. A sample can be sent to the drycleaners beforehand so that they know what to expect. Most importantly, these clothes should not be washed at home.

Don’t Use Damaged Upholstery At Home ?

The smoke from the fire can get into all forms of fabric, especially into upholstery. All these should be sent to the restorers and dry cleaners before they are used at home again. They contain toxins which can be harmful to health.

It is important for the homeowner to be as quick as possible in calling up the professional fire damage restoration company.

SERVPRO of Bartow/Lakeland Highlands is locally owned and operated and serves Lakeland Highlands, Lakeland, Bartow, Mulberry, Lake Wales, South Lakeland, Winter Haven, Wahneta, Eagle Lake, Alturas, and the surrounding communities

SERVPRO of Bartow/Lakeland Highlands’s fully certified water removal staff can perform a complete damage assessment to your home of office, and then recommend and follow the industries standards to get your water removal restoration repaired properly available 24 hours a day