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Perform Regular Duct Cleaning In Your Bartow Area Home

3/12/2017 (Permalink)

Cleaning Perform Regular Duct Cleaning In Your Bartow Area Home Sense of Poor Air Quality? Call SERVPRO in Bartow for a Duct Cleaning

SERVPRO Suggest Scheduled Maintenance for Your Duct System

Just because you cannot see the dirt and debris building up in your ventilation system does not mean that you can safely ignore the need for maintenance. Adding regular air duct cleaning to your property maintenance checklist provides you with a variety of benefits.

Sometimes, the need for quality duct cleaning in your Bartow area home is evident. The maintenance is one of those instances where you have to be willing to go out of your way to properly provide your family with a safe, healthy environment in your home.

Dirt, dust, pollen, mold spores, and other debris accumulate inside of the air ducts in your home. While you may not be able to feel it every day, the results can still affect you. The status of the ducts in your home directly impacts your indoor air quality. Anyone living within that has respiratory problems may find breathing unpleasant.

The contaminants lurking within your ventilation system tend to develop severe odors during operation, circulating these pungent odors throughout your entire building. Air duct cleaning and decontamination services, offered by SERVPRO, allow you and your family to breathe better, safer, healthier air and help prevent additional problems from developing. We can use thermal fogging and sanitizing sprays to remedy concerns with the status of the ducts.

Not to mention the impact regularly duct cleaning has on the performance and longevity of your ventilation system itself. Removing debris from clogged ducting allows the system to work easier, maintaining peak efficiency, reducing associated energy costs, while also extending the life of your unit.

SERVPRO uses years of experiences to provide you with these services. Understanding which types of ducting and the possible components that may exist, which makes performing this service rather tricky. The age of your system and whether metal ducting, flex ducting, duct board or interior lined ducting exists makes a difference when considering cleaning methods to perform. We have all the bases covered.

The unit used to feed the system is also another consideration. Split systems, package units, or those with a heat pump, downdraft or updraft unit provide technicians with an abundance of possibilities, which makes performing even the simplest jobs best left to professional technicians. As you can see, manifold and air handler configuration play a key role in proper techniques for HVAC system cleaning.

Troubled by the state of the air ducting in your home? Contact SERVPRO of Bartow - Lakeland Highlands today for professional help. (863) 510-5962

The Importance of Scheduling Regular Commercial Duct Cleaning in Lakeland

2/28/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial The Importance of Scheduling Regular Commercial Duct Cleaning in Lakeland Regular HVAC maintenance with SERVPRO is beneficial to your business in many ways.

Proactive Maintenance at Your Business Location Can Save You Money and Employee Downtime

You may not realize it, but the air inside can be two to five times more polluted than the air outside. This bad air in your commercial building can translate to health problems, causing there to be a lot of employee downtime.
When debris, dust, and other contaminants build up in your Lakeland building’s HVAC system, it can trigger allergies and lower energy efficiency, which raises your energy costs. Therefore, these are two excellent reasons why you need to regularly have commercial duct cleaning done by professionals such as SERVPRO to keep the HVAC system and air ducts in your workplace running efficiently.
Even in a building which is new, debris and dirt in hidden areas and ducts get blown out and sucked back in. They build up, which hinders the performance of the system.
As a business owner, you have numerous things to attend to, and you do not mean to be negligent when it comes to the air quality inside your building. When the dirt builds up, however, and is causing glitches in operations and health problems, you are the one held accountable for the costs, both financial and human.
By having regular indoor air quality inspections, you can find where underlying air quality problems are growing and get rid of the risk before the problems are active. SERVPRO gives you objective, certified data, and evidence to show that your system is clean and to protect you if health issues do arise. We also help you to find inefficiencies which are many times easily solved without much expense.
SERVPRO comes and inspects your business to show you just how much dirt is in your HVAC system and where it has settled. Once we have finished the evaluation and inspection, we come up with and give a plan for remediation which outlines the work we are doing and a timeframe for completion.
Then our certified technicians use powerful equipment to get rid of pollutants, and we systematically clean all components of your ventilation system, including outdoor air intakes, air handling unit components, reheat coils and VAV boxes, plus supply, return and exhaust ductwork.
We keep in contact with your employees during the whole process. Our goal is to maintain the work areas contained, making sure there is the least disruption to the operation of your business. Once we are done, we do a final inspection and give you pictures of before the work and afterward.
If the HVAC system in your business building has not been cleaned in a while, contact SERVPRO of Bartow/Lakeland Highlands today to schedule an appointment. We can be reached anytime at (863) 510-5962, so don’t hesitate to call us so we can help you maintain an efficient and healthy work environment.

Important Considerations for Water Removal in Mulberry Properties

2/16/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Important Considerations for Water Removal in Mulberry Properties Remove Water with the Help of SERVPRO from Your Bartow Home

Water Extraction Process in Mulberry Depends Upon Varying Factors

When storm and flood damage hits homes in Florida, SERVPRO is a great place to turn for help. We operate a dependable restoration service, which you can find in your area. It means that we can respond to calls and arrive onsite quickly, no matter the size or severity of your emergency.

While an abundance of care goes into every water damage repair plan, our technicians work fast. They have lots of experience and can use humidity and pressure benchmarks to create optimal drying conditions. With our help, water removal in Mulberry is quick and straightforward.

The following considerations form an important part of the extraction and drying process. They may not be relevant to all homes, but they provide a valuable blueprint for most projects.

Prioritizing Humidity Levels
If there is standing water in the structure, the first step is always to extract it. It is not possible to work effectively with large amounts of fluid degrading floors and structural materials. However, the importance of humidity regulation is such that, in some cases, the extraction and dehumidification processes may overlap. In the presence of Class 4 materials (hardwood, plaster, concrete), it is necessary to eliminate deep pockets of saturation as quickly as possible. The relative humidity needs reducing to 40% for successful drying.

Containing the Drying Area
It is common for SERVPRO to set up specialist drying chambers. These are sealed off areas, in which the atmosphere and humidity levels come under scrutiny. It is much easier to maintain a closed drying area than it is an open one, even if the room contains windows and other drying assets. In a contained drying chamber, the grains of moisture per pound (GPP) have to be higher than the outside.

It is carried out by hanging polyethylene sheets around the targeted area. The airflow stays inside, as does any bacteria or microbes present in the water. The size of a drying chamber depends on how far the water has intruded. It may be necessary to set up several chambers within one larger room.

Tackling Awkward Spaces
Sill plates and awkward or concealed spaces (like crawlspaces and ducts) are always the hardest spots to dry. They often require a tailored approach. So, while most of the affected areas can be dried in a broad fashion (with consistently running dehumidifiers and air movers), these spaces have dedicated drying machines.

They get checked and regularly monitored because different angles of projection allow clean air to flow into tight corners and unreachable nooks. Crawlspaces are a particularly tricky proposition, as they are dark, grimy, and capable of filling up fast with water. If standing water is present, a (small) portable extractor is activated inside.

If you are in need of emergency water removal, you can trust SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands to get the job done. You can expect a quick response. Call us 24/7 at (863) 510-5962 to arrange repairs today.

Water Removal Cleanup in Polk County

1/31/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Removal Cleanup in Polk County Clogged Sewage Leads to Water Damage and Hazards in Your Polk County Home

Wet and Possibly Contaminated, Rely on SERVPRO to Dry out Your Home

When a hose, toilet valve or connection to the toilet and wall bursts, it creates a flood in your bathroom. Controlling the damage is of utmost importance. Water flows out of the wall equal to or greater than the rate of a high powered sink faucet. Stopping the water, getting it cleaned up, and drying out your bathroom is the only option you have to make sure that more damage does not occur.

Water removal in your bathroom in such a case needs to be taken care of by professionals, such as SERVPRO. We can come out to your Polk County home quickly to assess the damage and begin cleanup.Before we even get there, you should turn off the water. There is usually a shutoff valve near a water heater, in the garage, at the curb where the city keeps a shutoff valve, or around the outside of the home. If the valve near the toilet works, you should also shut that off.
You also need to turn off the electricity to the bathroom. Locate the circuit breaker box and cut the power off.

When SERVPRO gets to your home, our trained staff evaluates the kind of water loss to figure out if it is safe. Clean water is handled differently than sewage water or gray water. We use gloves and minimal personal protective equipment for clean water from a supply line break. On the other hand, sewage water has to be handled with all areas of the body covered up, and with a respirator mask to filter the contaminants from the air.

We then remove the excess water and get rid of any items needed. The area is sanitized using an antimicrobial agent which has a residual effect and kills viruses, pathogens, and contaminants in the water to sanitize your bathroom.

Next, we set up our professional drying equipment for thorough drying. We use a combination of heat, air movement, and dehumidification with our equipment to achieve this. Then, we monitor the drying equipment each day until the moisture level returns to normal. A combination of non-penetrating meters, penetrating meters, infrared cameras, hygrometers, and hydro sensors are used to figure out the level of moisture daily to make sure the levels have come down to the right proportions. If needed, we add, move, or take away equipment each day as well to speed up the drying process.

Water removal always needs to be done as soon as possible after the leak has happened. If not, you can risk additional damage and the growth of mold. SERVPRO of Bartow/Lakeland Highlands can come out to your property quickly after you call us. We are ready and standing by at (863) 510-5962 whenever you need us.

Three Key Stages of Fire Damage Repair in Mulberry Properties

1/31/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Three Key Stages of Fire Damage Repair in Mulberry Properties Smoke & Fire Can Ruin Your Mulberry Home

SERVPRO Provides Full Service Fire Damage Restoration

While burned and charred materials are the most immediate and obvious symptom of extensive fire damage, they are not the only one. In fact, in cases of moderate fire damage, there might not even be any burned possessions. Lingering odor might be the biggest problem and deodorization the first solution.

On the other hand, some cases require all of the restoration techniques that SERVPRO has at its disposal. Extensive fire damage in Mulberry properties can spread to HVAC ducts and destroy structural materials like drywall, flooring, plasterboard, and carpentry. It is why our technicians take a comprehensive approach to fire damage repair. We restore the whole house and not just the bits that you can see.

This guide to the three key stages of fire damage restoration explains what SERVPRO can do for your home.

Reconstruction Services
In an ideal situation, a house fire is caught and extinguished quickly, before it causes severe damage to furnishings. If this is not possible, you may end up needing to replace wallpaper, carpets, ductwork, and insulation. We know that this can be stressful, which is why we aim to provide everything that your home needs, as part of a complete package. However, in the unlikely event that you do require an external provider, we have plenty of contacts within the trade industries.

Odor Removal
Deodorization is a big part of our fire damage services. Removing and replacing damaged materials is only half of the process because lingering smells are just as destructive. Soot and smoke have a tendency to spread quickly, and it can hang around in rooms which weren’t directly affected by the fire. Air movers, air scrubbers, ozone generators, and high powered fans can all be used to eliminate odor causing particles from the atmosphere.

HVAC Duct Scrubbing
Smoke and soot can very easily spread to ductwork as well. Fortunately, SERVPRO can remedy this with the use of fans and ozone generators. The fans direct fast moving air into the ducts, where it dislodges dirt and debris. The job of the ozone generator is to create an oxidizing mist or spray. When the ozone particles make contact with bad smells in the ducts, they break them down and eliminate them.

Depending on the severity of the damage, other services may be required. For instance, the technicians may need to lift the carpet and direct clean air beneath it. They may also need to scrub stained walls with strong detergents. The important thing is that your restoration service is unique to your home and situation.

At SERVPRO of Bartow/Lakeland Highlands, we tailor our services to the needs of the customer. Being local, we can respond quickly to your call in the Mulberry area. Call us 24/7 on (863) 510-5962.

Water Damage Restoration Services In Winter Haven

1/3/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage Restoration Services In Winter Haven Water Damage in Winter Haven? SERVPRO Will Even Clean & Dry Your Clothes

Trust the Team from SERVPRO for Total Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can develop in seemingly small areas of a home without you ever actually seeing the amount of harm that truly exists until you have the opportunity to dig into the repair process. A small leak under a sink or an improperly maintained shower head can turn into a major repair bill before you know what hit you. There is a ton of maintenance that comes with owning a home, most of which as a homeowner you simply don't have the proper experience to perform.
It is our privilege to provide you with many water damage restoration services for your Winter Haven home. We'll give you the security and comfort of being backed by a certified professional, industry-leading company that has access to experienced personnel and quality services you'll need to get back on your feet, should anything happen to your property.
At SERVPRO we offer fast, efficient emergency services designed to fit your unique situation. We work hard to secure the structure of your home, remove any standing water, completely dry affected areas, treat any surfaces affected by water damage, perform all of the repairs necessary to prevent secondary damages from developing ourselves and return your home to a quality pre-damage condition. You won't need to contact anyone else to perform additional services after reaching out to us. We can do the entire restoration and save you money and stress.
SERVPRO technicians deploy quality techniques and equipment during your restoration process. Positioning air movers to deliver rapid airflow to wet surfaces, dehumidifiers to produce warm, dry air throughout the affected area to complete drying procedures in a quick and efficient manner. All while keeping the work site completely safe, ensuring limited disturbances to your daily routine during the restoration process.
We even have services at SERVPRO that can assist with restoring personal belongings that may have acquired damage during the event. Our restoration includes removing and drying furniture, rugs, carpeting, art objects, lamps, clothing, shoes, books, magazines, and appliances or other loose items found throughout your home. Each of our technicians works with a restore versus replace attitude, taking the proper steps to ensure that everything that is possible to save gets handled correctly.
You can even work with our personnel to produce a quality plan to address situations such as this that may occur in your home. It is becoming more important these days to prepare you and your family for future crisis, take this opportunity to plan ahead and make sure that you and your loved ones know what to do when disaster strikes.
Contact SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands anytime, (863) 510-5962

Commercial Flood Damage Problems in Winter Haven

12/24/2016 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Flood Damage Problems in Winter Haven Don't let a storm close your business for long! Call SERVPRO today to assess and remediate the damage.

SERVPRO Technicians' Quick Actions to Remediate Your Business Flood Damage Can Prevent Secondary Damage

For a smaller business, such as a pharmacy, there isn't the need to deal with carpets or worrying about furniture such as sofas, beds or bookcases. Carpets are not going to be a problem unless it is a commercial carpet that has to be pulled from a break room or kitchen area.

The primary threat from flood damage to a Winter Haven business is the water that leeches up into the walls. With decades of experience, SERVPRO knows exactly how many building materials (drywall especially) becomes very brittle and can crumble in a person's hands no matter how careful he may be.

This is why we maintain a large inventory of extraction pumps. Our response teams are available 24 hours to remove any standing water threatening your business. In most cases, we can have this water removed in less than a day. If your electric outlets are underwater, we will bring our own generators for power until we are finished.

With that threat gone, we will deploy specialized water extractors to remove water and moisture that may have found its way under floors or between walls. In order to dry these areas properly, our technicians also use dehumidifiers to draw out the last of the excess moisture from the air and surrounding area.

Inventory on storage racks that were underwater must be moved quickly. We will help you check to see if the standing water merely discolored the boxes containing items or if the items themselves may have been affected as well. While it may not matter if it is a case of mouthwash that can dry quickly with no permanent damage, this is not true for electronic items such as home blood pressure testing units.

Despite every precaution a business owner may take, we still live in a community whose nickname is The Chain of Lakes City. Flooding from Lakes Elbert, Howard and others can still knock out a store in a matter of hours. If this is a problem for you, call us today at (863) 510-5962. SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands is here to help you restore your business to its pre-flood state and reopen your days as quickly as we can.

Bathroom Woes caused by Mold Damage in Mulberry? We're Here to Help!

12/18/2016 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Bathroom Woes caused by Mold Damage in Mulberry? We're Here to Help! Mold growing on your bathroom tiles, and in between them, can indicate a major problem that can cause deterioration of your interior walls and floors.

Having Mulberry mold damage? SERVPRO is Here to Help!

It can be embarrassing to have a bathroom that never seems to come clean, but did you know that the stains you've been fighting can also signify a bigger problem? Mold growing on your bathroom tiles, and in between them, in the grout, can indicate a major problem that can cause deterioration of your interior walls and floors. This can lead to structural problems in your home. These problems with your home's structural strength can cause further problems with plumbing. When floors sag, plumbing can become compressed, and then buckle, leading to even more water damage on the insides of your home's walls and ceilings.
When a bathroom in your Mulberry home has mold damage, health effects caused by mold should be another concern. These health effects vary from one person to another, so one person's lack of symptoms is not an indication that everyone else will not suffer from exposure. Remediation is the only true way to reduce exposure to mold. Packing up and moving from your home might seem like the only way, but in reality, this rarely works. Mold can attach itself to clothing, personal belongings, and even your pets. With remediation, your home can become healthy once again. SERVPRO uses IICRC approved methods to reduce the levels of mold found in your home to acceptable levels. Mold cannot be completely eliminated from your home because it exists everywhere.
Because mold can permeate some materials used in your home, some of these need to be cut away and removed. SERVPRO removes as little as possible while still making sure that all of the mold-infused materials that cannot be cleaned away are removed. Then we dispose of these so they cannot create problems elsewhere. Hard surfaces, such as shower doors, tile, porcelain, and flooring can be more easily cleaned than semi-porous areas of your bathroom. We have training in cleaning these surfaces so that you'll have a truly fresh start in your bathroom when we are finished with the remediation process.
Items that are located in your bathroom, such as medications and personal care products, should also be disposed of. Tablets and pills are often porous and may end up holding mold and mold spores, causing them to lose strength or making them otherwise unsafe to take. Your physician or pharmacist can help determine if you should have any prescriptions refilled instead of continuing to take the ones you have on hand. We're prepared to help you with the rest.
Some items, like bathroom rugs and fabric shower curtains, can harbor mold and mold spores. Because these items are very porous, being textiles, it might be better to dispose of these also. When mold adheres to fabrics, the mold often destroys the back fibers, causing these items to fray and ravel, leaving them beyond cost-effective repair. The same might be true for curtains and other window dressings in the bathroom or adjoining rooms, depending on how much ventilation these receive.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

When mold damage in your bathroom causes you concern or embarrassment, call SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands at (863) 510-5962. We're always available, 24/7, to take your call, answer your questions, and start working on your mold remediation needs.

How SERVPRO ERP Helps for Major Disasters

12/7/2016 (Permalink)

Commercial How SERVPRO ERP Helps for Major Disasters Download your SERVPRO ERP today!

The SERVPRO Emergency Ready Profile can Assist You When Dealing with a Major Disaster

In response to requests from business owners nationwide, SERVPRO has released its new ERP (Emergency Ready Profile) system, designed to help business owners to get our technicians on-site as soon as possible when disaster strikes. The ERP system allows a user to create multiple sub-profiles for separate locations, where floor plans, valve and breaker locations, emergency services information, and other critical information can be uploaded and instantly transferred to us in a crisis. Accessible from a web browser or in our easy-to-use app, the system is designed to be accessible and responsive when you need it most. 


Since its introduction, one of the ERP's most effective uses has been in commercial water damage in Polk County and elsewhere where flooding is a concern. Floods are especially devastating among most damage types, and a fast response is critical to avoid extra damage from the effects of standing water. The SERVPRO ERP system can reduce response times by minutes or even hours, and allow our technicians to have a better understanding of the situation when they first arrive. This allows us to more effectively employ our strategy of mitigation, often saving thousands of dollars in restoration costs.


Fires start quickly, and in general your first concern is usually to contact emergency services. As such, you'll probably only be able to contact us once the fire has run its course or has spread widely. With the ERP, you can notify our responders in seconds, shaving precious minutes off of our response without delaying your call to emergency services. If you manage multiple buildings located side-by-side, such as an apartment or store complex, your ERP profiles will also help our technicians to understand the connections and specifics between rooms and buildings and respond more quickly to secondary smoke and ash damage.


Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands is ready around the clock to respond to emergencies in your local business. To find out more about the ERP or to request our help, call us at (863) 510-5962.

Common Origins of Residential Smoke Damage

11/29/2016 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Common Origins of Residential Smoke Damage When a fire ravages a home, it produces large quantities of smoke, typically of multiple types and requiring lengthy cleanup procedures.

The Common Causes of Smoke Damage in Residential Homes 

Smoke damage can persist for many years after a fire, or whatever caused it. Even when all other signs of damage are long gone, the smell of smoke can linger throughout an entire home if it hasn't been thoroughly eliminated. As such, SERVPRO dedicates a significant amount of time to eliminating these odors. However, the source of a fire can change how we approach cleanup, as there are multiple types of smoke and treatment techniques for its damage. Here are some of the most common we see in the average residence.

Smoke Damage from a Burn

Of course, some of the heaviest and toughest smoke damage we encounter comes in tandem with other types of fire damage in Mulberry. When a fire ravages a home, it produces large quantities of smoke, typically of multiple types and requiring lengthy cleanup procedures. Between the dry building materials and wet interior objects of a home, SERVPRO usually has to tackle wet and dry smoke alike after a fire. However, efficient use of fogging machines like those in our possession helps us to remove these intense smoke sources.

Tobacco Smoke Exposure

Many of our lighter smoke damage calls are for homes occupied by long-time smokers and tobacco users. Traditional tobacco smoke such as that from cigarettes and cigars can cause permanent smoke damage in the very walls and ceilings of a home, but thankfully these cases are usually an easy job for our technology.

Other Smoke Intrusions

Sometimes, accidents can happen that create a lot of smoke damage in a room or area of a home. Perhaps an outdoor fire was lit below a window, and wet fuel made for extremely smoky conditions. Or, we sometimes encounter a home which has absorbed smoke from a nearby fire, while escaping any other visible damage. We're able to process these on a case-by-case basis, altering our treatments to minimize costs and time spent on each job.


Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands has years of experience restoring and repairing damage from fires in the local area. For our help in getting your home back to the way it was before, call us at (863) 510-5962.