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Mulberry Duct Cleaning Is Essential

7/18/2017 (Permalink)

Cleaning Mulberry Duct Cleaning Is Essential Call SERVPRO to Keep Your Ducts Clean in Your Mulberry Home. Nice Air Quality.

SERVPRO Provides Cleaning for HVAC Ductwork Systems in Mulberry

For much of the year, homeowners depend on their HVAC system to keep their residences comfortable. This same system also helps to maintain the air inside a home cleaner than the air outside.

Duct cleaning is necessary for healthy air in Mulberry homes. Although duct work is sealed, for the most part, it is impossible to keep all dust and other contaminants out of it. SERVPRO knows that any particulates that get into the HVAC system can be recirculated through the entire home at least five times each day. Besides the small amounts that work their way in over time, the duct sections twist and separate from each other over time thanks to fluctuating temperature and humidity.

In addition to contaminants getting in, poorly maintained duct work also lets warm or cold air out. This release of temperature altered air into the attic, walls, and basements is extremely wasteful. Last year, the Department of Energy released a study that found many HVAC systems deficient in energy conservation. Many of them waste more than 25 percent of the electricity generated to cool or heat the average home. A system that not recently cleaned can waste 40 percent.

The first step to cleaning ducts is one that homeowners or renters can do themselves; change the air filters. Depending on the type of system, filters must be changed quarterly or even monthly. Changing filters is also the best preventive measure that residents can take to keep their ducts clean.

When contamination does get in, our technicians use scrubbers, air movers, and exhaust fans to force the dirt and other soils out. Much of it is near the entry and exit points, so we scrub these points with dry brushes to break it up. If the build-up is very thick, we use commercial grade cleaners to break down the soils and force them out of the HVAC. In cases where we find mold, we use an anti-fungal agent to kill the spores and then a cleaner to break up the growths.

Regular cleaning of your ducts is essential to the maintenance of your home and the comfort of your family. SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands has decades of experience in Polk County helping our neighbors stay cool under the Florida sun. If you want to schedule a cleaning or an inspection, call us at (863) 510-5962 today.

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How SERVPRO Calculates The Best Dehumidifier Setup After Flood Damage To Your Lakeland Home

7/3/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage How SERVPRO Calculates The Best Dehumidifier Setup After Flood Damage To Your Lakeland Home Our teams take into account key factors including the amount of flood damage that has occurred in your Lakeland home.

Let SERVPRO Find The Best Solution For Your Water Damaged Home

Flood damage is distressing and frightening. Your home no longer seems like your own even after the initial water extraction. Visibly damaged furniture and other personal belongings and that tell-tale damp smell that lingers after flooding both contribute to the feeling that all is not well.

You need help from skilled professionals to help you deal with flood damage to your Lakeland home. Thankfully SERVPRO is on hand to offer you all the assistance you need to get your home cleaned up and dried out so that it is liveable once more.

A key component of drying your house is the correct use of dehumidifiers. Let us take a look at dehumidifiers and how they work.

Humidity refers to the amount of water vapor held in the air. Florida is no stranger to humidity, so you are most likely used to being in a humid environment. However, humidity is a grave concern after a flood as the more water vapor there is in the air, the higher the moisture level and the more difficult drying becomes.

Dehumidifiers reduce the amount of humidity in the air using a simple but clever process. The unit pulls in moist air from the room and passes it across cooling coils. The coils lower the air temperature and cause condensation which the unit collects. The result: Drier air is reheated and redistributed into the room.

It is easy to see why dehumidifiers are such a vital piece of kit for dealing with flood damage. We train our SERVPRO technicians to calculate the best dehumidifier set-up for your unique situation.

Our teams take into account key factors including the amount of flood damage, the kinds of wet materials that are present (such as porous or non-porous), whether water has seeped into walls and floors, and the capacity of the dehumidifiers at hand. We use the information we gather to carefully calculate how many dehumidifiers are needed to reach the drying goal.

It is impossible to tell how well drying is going simply by looking at your home. Our technicians carefully monitor drying progress using moisture meters. Carefully monitoring means, we can add or remove dehumidifiers as needed or even create a small drying chamber to speed up the process.

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We are on hand to help with drying situations. Call SERVPRO of Barlow / Lakeland Highlands at (863) 510-5962 today for help.

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Professional Water Removal Services For Your Highland Area Hotel

6/19/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Professional Water Removal Services For Your Highland Area Hotel SERVPRO has technicians available whenever you need us, giving you access to qualified help.

Call the SERVPRO Professionals When Dealing with Commercial Water Damage

Taking on the responsibility of meeting the needs of your guests while visiting your hotel takes some guts. Every day, people moving in and out of your facility have particular needs and wants, you do your best to deliver all of them.

When faced with extensive water exposure on your Highland City property, you want access to water removal services performed by a company that gives you the same level of customer service your guests expect from you. You deserve to have someone deliver quality results to your problems, just like any of the guests in your hotel.

Developing a plumbing leak in one of your upstairs rooms can lead to damages in your floors, walls, ceiling, and those of the room below or above. Water can cause damage to the contents of each room and lead to mold growth, depending on the length of exposure. The larger the area, the more aggressive your restoration company should be with their approach.

Time plays a significant role in your restoration process, avoid wasting it, make quick, informed decisions and move forward as soon as possible. With SERVPRO technicians on your side, you gain access to years of experience, moisture detectors, water extractors, drying, cleaning, and deodorization methods that all work for you to give you the results you deserve.

SERVPRO can track the spread of water on your property, finding every area exposed and limit any secondary damages that may develop over time. Regardless of how large the exposed area is, we have the equipment and resources to remove excess water and make any repairs necessary to get your business back to normal.

SERVPRO has technicians available whenever you need us, giving you access to qualified help. It only takes a short phone call for you to receive the help you deserve. We pay special attention to all of the contents found on your property and have excellent results returning items to life that others may consider a loss.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Contact SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands to get water issues under control quickly and efficiently. Take control of your situation, today. (863) 510-5962

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Protect Your Highland City Home From Experiencing Common Problems That Cause Flood Damage

6/5/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Protect Your Highland City Home From Experiencing Common Problems That Cause Flood Damage SERVPRO restoration specialists do much more than help you recover after an emergency happens.

Protect Your Home With The Help of SERVPRO

Regardless of how a flood occurs on your property, these incidents can be troublesome. Floods affect your house, family, and living conditions in many ways that cause stress, uneasiness, and doubt. Luckily, help is never far away; your recovery does not need to be a painful process.

You likely already have flood insurance for your Highland City property, which is good. Flood damage is becoming more common and homeowners these days are getting smarter. If for some reason you have not discussed this type of coverage with your insurance company, you should reconsider.

Flood damage occurs in every home at some point, having the proper insurance ensures that you have the financial support in place to help protect your investment. If you own a home and do not have basic insurance, a relationship with a trusted restoration company, and a plan in place to help get your family to safety, you are ill-prepared for what might happen.

Households these days come standard with a variety of appliances that pose severe flooding risks, think about all of the problems that can occur on your property. You could have a plumbing leak that floods your basement or crawl space under your house. A washing machine supply line could spill hundreds of gallons of water within minutes. Your water heater, ice maker, dishwasher, refrigerator, and every plumbing fixture in your home poses a threat.

However, with SERVPRO’s help, you can easily prevent these and other common flooding issues found in most homes. Educate yourself, have your property inspected to find problems before they have an opportunity to cause significant damage.

SERVPRO restoration specialists do much more than help you recover after an emergency happens. Having a few discussions with these expertly trained environmental disaster specialists can open your eyes to a variety of circumstances that you simply are not aware of yet.

Give SERVPRO the opportunity to check common areas of your home. We can help you prepare for flooding, fire, mold, and storm damage that most homeowners face. You should take advantage of the experience and knowledge available to you.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Contact SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakland Highlands for additional information about our available services and see what we can do to help protect your home, today. (863) 510-5962

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Storm Damage Affects Homes in Highland City from Top to Bottom

5/15/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Storm Damage Affects Homes in Highland City from Top to Bottom Flooded Floors in Highland City Require Water Extraction for Restoration

SERVPRO Inspects Your Highland City Property Thoroughly for Storm Damage

Your home protects you and your family from the outside world, and that includes protection from the elements. Sometimes, though, your home is itself damaged by those same elements of nature. While a hurricane is more likely to cause extensive damage, a smaller storm can cause costly damage to your home, too.
Homes in Highland City can sustain sudden storm damage during even small storms. Trees that have weakened over time can fall when we least expect them to topple over. Shingles can come loose and fly away. Rain can enter through the gaps created by the loss of the shingles and destroy the contents of your home.
The extent of the damage is not always ascertainable simply by looking at different rooms. At SERVPRO, we have devices that can provide us with readings of how highly elevated the humidity is in each section of your home, and prioritize our work accordingly. We concentrate on your home as a whole, not simply one room that was damaged – we track where that damage goes within your home's interior, including the framework.
To fully restore your home after storm damage has happened, we must be aggressive in our efforts. We also must be trained well and knowledgeable about how storms can damage structures, what the best methods are for such damage, and how to use the equipment utilized in those endeavors. Our technicians are certified in ASD (Applied Structural Drying) and WRT (Water Damage Restoration). These and other certificates are crucial in restoring your home. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.
Containing storm damage is essential in gaining the best results because wherever water spreads, it creates additional damage. Not only that, but the debris a storm carries can also have devastating effects. Some debris is easily cleaned away, such as leaves or seed pods from trees. Storms are not always so kind, though, and can also bring debris from garbage into your home, and some of this can be highly hazardous to safety and health if allowed to remain. We know how to erase the damage done to your home and quickly get your family life back to normal.
For any size storm damage, call us, SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands, at (863) 510-5962. We are always available, 24/7, to take your call and answer your questions.

Get The Help You Deserve When Dealing With Blood Cleanup On Your Bartow Area Property

5/1/2017 (Permalink)

Biohazard Get The Help You Deserve When Dealing With Blood Cleanup On Your Bartow Area Property Rely on SERVPRO for Blood and Trauma Cleanup in the Bartow Area

For Sensitive Blood and Biological Cleanup in Bartow, Consider SERVPRO

Accidents happen, people do bad things, leaving property owners, or next of kin, with the responsibility of cleaning up after traumatic experiences such as homicides, suicides, or unattended deaths. If you find yourself faced with handling any of these types of situations, always assume the area is infected by dangerous pathogens and obtain the proper assistance to remove the contaminants properly.
When your Bartow area property becomes exposed to bloodborne pathogens (BBP) or other bodily fluids, it is important to obtain the services provided by a company that offers specific cleanup. These services provide your home with the specialized equipment and expertly trained technicians necessary to safely clean and restore affected areas, protecting you and your family from infectious diseases including HIV, Hepatitis B, and C, among others.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) set standards for interpreting procedures used to handle and dispose of contaminated materials found on your property after this type of incident occurs. Any company you use should follow these standards and meet or exceed protocols used to prevent exposure to your environment and surrounding areas. SERVPRO realizes the human element aspect with traumatic incidents and strives always to be empathetic and kind with our clients.
Companies, like SERVPRO, continuously train to deliver quality biohazard and blood cleanup services to our customers, delivering quality results while protecting everyone involved in the process. Cleaning and restoration crews often come into contact with blood and other bodily fluids exposed to air for extended periods, requiring the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and hospital-grade disinfectant solutions to prevent exposure and kill viruses that may exist.
Any containment materials, machinery, equipment deployed by SERVPRO Professionals during blood cleanup services performed on your property must be handled in a specific manner after services are complete to eliminate the possibility of exposure. Viruses such as Hepatitis B (HBV) can survive longer than two weeks while Hepatitis C (HCV) survives for up to two weeks, having the potential to expose others for extended periods of time.  
SERVPRO technicians place regulated waste into closable containers to prevent leakage during handling, storage, transport, and disposal. Labeling each container with the correct color-coded designation and following all guidelines and rules associated with these circumstances.  
The professional staff at SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands provides you with access to these services and many others concerning the safety and well-being of your family, call today to obtain the assistance you deserve, we are here to help. (863) 510-5962

Why Air Scrubbers AND Dehumidifiers are Important for Repairing Water Damage in Polk County

4/26/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Why Air Scrubbers AND Dehumidifiers are Important for Repairing Water Damage in Polk County Damaged pipes can dump a large volume of water into your home. Call SERVPRO quickly to figure out the cause and then to remediate the damage.

SERVPRO Technicians Use the Most Effective Tools When it Comes to Dealing with Water Damage in Your Home

When it comes to the clean-up of residential water damage, there are lots of different methods and strategies available for use. The reason for this is that every case is unique. Cracked pipes and burst water mains do not necessarily require the same approach as a backed up toilet or water intrusion from a natural source.

It is up to restoration experts like SERVPRO to select the most effective techniques for repairing water damage in Polk County. We also have to choose the right combination of equipment, so that the drying process progresses as quickly as possible. Our technicians rely on two very important tools to achieve this objective – dehumidifiers and air scrubbers.

Getting to Grips with the Basics

Dehumidifiers and air scrubbers are commonly confused, but they have distinct purposes and operate in different ways. Often, both are present during residential drying, because they complement one another in the right conditions. Dehumidifiers are the more sophisticated device, as they accelerate the rate of natural evaporation.

It is useful for water damaged spaces because the heavy, moisture filled air is forced to transition into a liquid at a faster speed. As long as this water gets captured (and not left to accumulate on surfaces), materials dry much quicker. Dehumidifiers can draw air in at rates of up to 400 CFM.

Air scrubbers, on the other hand, have a slightly different job. They do not influence the level of humidity or change the rate of evaporation. They use rotating fans to draw in the moist air and direct it through a special HEPA filter. Any allergens, airborne debris, and mold spores (which are likely if wet conditions persist for longer than two days) get trapped in the filter.

The Ultimate Drying Team

As air scrubbers ‘clean’ the air, by eliminating irritants, and dehumidifiers dry it, by removing the excess water, they make an excellent restoration team. SERVPRO often introduces both devices to water damaged spaces, because they provide a balanced and comprehensive drying service.

We commonly use larger oscillating fans in proximity to air scrubbers. While they can draw air through the HEPA filter at a rate of up to 900CFM per minute, the addition of fans in larger rooms ensures that all unwanted spores become dislodged from surfaces. Once they are in the air, it is only a matter of time until the filter traps and contains them.

To find out more about the benefits of dehumidifiers and air scrubbers, you can talk to our water damage repair team. SERVPRO of Bartow/Lakeland Highlands deals with floods and leaks of all sizes, so we can help you if your home is a victim. Call us 24/7 at (863) 510-5962.

Fire Damage in Your South Lakeland Kitchen can Ruin Your Sense of Smell and Affect how Your Food Taste

4/18/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage in Your South Lakeland Kitchen can Ruin Your Sense of Smell and Affect how Your Food Taste SERVPRO recommends that all aspects of fire damage be mitigated to ensure that a home is a safe and healthy environment.

Fire Damage in Your Kitchen? SERVPRO can Assist

Even a small fire in the kitchen can cause unexpected damage to become an ongoing problem in your home. Kitchen fires that get out of control might seem unimportant after they've been extinguished but the smoke they generated can affect your sense of smell. Because smell and taste are related senses, your favorite foods might all end up tasting less than delicious.

Accidents do happen, and some of these can cause fire damage to your South Lakeland home. Any materials in your home that burn produces smoke. Many people might think it is okay only to clean up the mess as best they can and leave the harder aspects of it for another day. This leaves the smoke and soot behind.

SERVPRO recommends that all aspects of fire damage be mitigated to ensure that a home is a safe and healthy environment. We know that soot travels literally everywhere, and kitchens are notorious for already having high amounts of cooking smells. Soot can attach itself to anything, and then waft the scent of burning food through the air. Heating up a kitchen causes more soot particles to be released, increasing the changes in the odor of cooking foods, and subsequently, their taste.

To get your food to start smelling like it should again, SERVPRO can thoroughly clean the area affected, and then repair any structural damage. We have machines that can remove the odor, as well. While many people are familiar with ozone machines, there is a safer alternative that is also highly effective. Hydroxyl causes the disintegration process of soot particles and other contaminants to happen more quickly. When soot disintegrates, it no longer produces the smoky scent that can ruin your time at the family dinner table.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Dinner time is often one of the few times when everyone in the family is present. Preserving this time is important to any family. We can help you undo the effects of fire damage, of both small and large fires, and restore your family's time together. Call us, SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands at (863) 510-5962, so we can help you get dinner-time back to how it should be.

Selecting the Right Dehumidifier for Water Removal in Highland City Homes

4/3/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Selecting the Right Dehumidifier for Water Removal in Highland City Homes The two main types of dehumidifier are the desiccant and the refrigerant. They both work towards the same goal, but they do it in different ways.

Choosing the Correct Dehumidifier in Highland City Homes for Water Removal 

When flooding strikes, there are all kinds of tools and devices which can be used to remove water and restore safety to a home. While complete remediation is a complex process and involves various stages, water removal is the primary task.

Pumping and dehumidification are very different techniques, but they are both designed to carry out effective water removal in Highland City homes. After pumping has dealt with as much standing water as possible, dehumidifiers are used to draw moisture out of porous materials.

Keep reading for information on the different types of dehumidifiers utilized by SERVPRO during restoration and cleanup projects.

Removing Water from the Air

The two main types of dehumidifier are the desiccant and the refrigerant. They both work towards the same goal (extracting water from the air), but they do it in slightly different ways. Desiccant devices pull moisture from the air and into the machine, where it gets captured by a special gel. On the other hand, refrigerant dehumidifiers use icy coil systems to do the same job.

Safe Disposal of Water

It means that they handle excess water in different ways too. While desiccant machines only capture the water and hold it in a receptacle, refrigerant devices actually convert it back into clean, dry air. It is one of the reasons why they are the more common choice for SERVPRO. When combined with air movers, refrigerant dehumidifiers are ideal for establishing a controlled, sustainable level of humidity.

Best Times to Operate

Even though refrigerant dehumidifiers are very sophisticated, they are not always a suitable choice. For instance, in conditions below fifty degrees, desiccant machines perform better. Refrigerant dehumidifiers find their optimal conditions above this threshold. They are also very energy efficient, so they are a viable choice even in buildings with low power.

Speed of Water Removal

Desiccant drying machines are particularly handy when it comes to drying out less porous materials (than fabric). They include things like concrete, hardwood, and plasterboard. In contrast, refrigerant dehumidifiers excel when used to treat very porous items like carpets, sofas, curtains, and other soft furnishings.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

The quicker you respond to a flood or leak, the easier it is to dry out a home using dehumidifiers and other restoration equipment. Get in touch with SERVPRO of Bartow/Lakeland Highlands for fast, effective repairs. Call us 24/7 at (863) 510-5962.

Perform Regular Duct Cleaning In Your Bartow Area Home

3/12/2017 (Permalink)

Cleaning Perform Regular Duct Cleaning In Your Bartow Area Home Sense of Poor Air Quality? Call SERVPRO in Bartow for a Duct Cleaning

SERVPRO Suggest Scheduled Maintenance for Your Duct System

Just because you cannot see the dirt and debris building up in your ventilation system does not mean that you can safely ignore the need for maintenance. Adding regular air duct cleaning to your property maintenance checklist provides you with a variety of benefits.

Sometimes, the need for quality duct cleaning in your Bartow area home is evident. The maintenance is one of those instances where you have to be willing to go out of your way to properly provide your family with a safe, healthy environment in your home.

Dirt, dust, pollen, mold spores, and other debris accumulate inside of the air ducts in your home. While you may not be able to feel it every day, the results can still affect you. The status of the ducts in your home directly impacts your indoor air quality. Anyone living within that has respiratory problems may find breathing unpleasant.

The contaminants lurking within your ventilation system tend to develop severe odors during operation, circulating these pungent odors throughout your entire building. Air duct cleaning and decontamination services, offered by SERVPRO, allow you and your family to breathe better, safer, healthier air and help prevent additional problems from developing. We can use thermal fogging and sanitizing sprays to remedy concerns with the status of the ducts.

Not to mention the impact regularly duct cleaning has on the performance and longevity of your ventilation system itself. Removing debris from clogged ducting allows the system to work easier, maintaining peak efficiency, reducing associated energy costs, while also extending the life of your unit.

SERVPRO uses years of experiences to provide you with these services. Understanding which types of ducting and the possible components that may exist, which makes performing this service rather tricky. The age of your system and whether metal ducting, flex ducting, duct board or interior lined ducting exists makes a difference when considering cleaning methods to perform. We have all the bases covered.

The unit used to feed the system is also another consideration. Split systems, package units, or those with a heat pump, downdraft or updraft unit provide technicians with an abundance of possibilities, which makes performing even the simplest jobs best left to professional technicians. As you can see, manifold and air handler configuration play a key role in proper techniques for HVAC system cleaning.

Troubled by the state of the air ducting in your home? Contact SERVPRO of Bartow - Lakeland Highlands today for professional help. (863) 510-5962