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SERVPRO Advises Bartow Property Owners to Wait for Flood Water Removal Before Entering Your Property

6/4/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage SERVPRO Advises Bartow Property Owners to Wait for Flood Water Removal Before Entering Your Property Storm Victimized Homeowners Love to See the SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands Pull Up to Help

Keep An Eye Out for Safety Hazards in Your Flood Damaged Bartow Home

Staying safe should be your foremost priority after flood damage hits your home. Flooding can create many different safety hazards, many of which may be tough to identify or avoid without expert advice. We usually recommend staying away from severely damaged parts of the home before SERVPRO technicians arrive, but if you decide to enter the area without us present, keep a watchful eye out for these potential hazards that could be lurking in your home.

Standing Water
One of the easiest safety risks to avoid in a flood-damaged Bartow home is standing water. Any part of your home with significant pools of water that have measurable depth should be considered highly dangerous and completely off-limits until SERVPRO technicians can arrive with water extraction pumps. Standing water can hide objects you may trip on and can help microorganisms rapidly multiply, potentially causing health effects if you walk through unprotected. Given these risks, you should always wait for all standing water to be drained from an area before entering, even with protective equipment and good lighting.

Slippery Floors
Most or all of the ground level of your home should be soaked and slippery after a flood. While navigating these areas may seem easy when you go slow and steady, the situation could be more dangerous than you think. Flooding can create warps, bumps, and changes in the shape of your flooring materials, significantly increasing the risk of slipping and sustaining an injury. Always wear closed-toe shoes with good traction if you intend to walk through flood-damaged parts of your home.

Electrocution Hazards
Depending on the severity of the flood, many electronic items in your home may have been damaged, potentially including power outlets and cables in the room. Never touch wet or damp electronics, power outlets, or cables, even if you think they are disconnected.

SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands can help you to mitigate and recover from the effects of flood damage in your home. Call us 24/7 at (863) 510-5962 for our emergency services.

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We Can Clean And Restore Your Bartow Home After A Fire

5/30/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage We Can Clean And Restore Your Bartow Home After A Fire Specialized cleaning can restore your home to a preloss condition without resorting to expensive replacements, contact SERVPRO at (863) 510-5962.

Cleaning Ceilings From Smoke Residues After Fire Damage In Bartow

The lion's share of fire restoration is dealing with smoke damage. Unlike the fire itself, smoke tends to travel further from the source, causing staining and ceiling on your walls and ceilings. Remediating these damages can be tough with regular household cleaning products and require a range of wet, dry and peroxide methods. Additionally, refinishing or resurfacing may be necessary depending on whether the wall or ceiling is papered, acoustic, or painted.

Residential properties with fire damage in Bartow should be treated individually. Different surfaces require different approaches and factors like the air pressure or temperature of fire can have a significant impact on the right approach. There is no one-size-fits-all method, which is why a quality restorer needs qualifications to proceed. SERVPRO technicians benefit from gaining the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification qualifications that help to make an informed decision in how they proceed.

Dry cleaning is a low-risk procedure that is nonabrasive to ceiling materials. SERVPRO usually begin a service using dry cleaning sponges on minor to medium scale soiling. Soots that are responsive to dry cleaning are those that come from the burning of natural materials. If the results of a pre-test show soiling to be grease-based, then dry cleaning can simple shift soots around meaning that is more abrasive cleaning method is required.

Dry cleaning can be effective as a stand-alone method, but usually, it is followed by wet cleaning. Where robust surfaces like metal, painted or wooden ceilings, wet cleaning can remove heavy soots as well as oil-based soiling. On porous surfaces, a wet cleaning procedure can cause unnecessary damages by dissolving finish or coating. In these situations, SERVPRO provides technicians with peroxide active cleaning solution.

Acoustical ceilings are increasingly common in private residences. These materials can be porous and absorb soots, especially in high-pressure fires. Fire Restoration Technicians (FRT) can dust tiles to remove loose soils before spraying on Oxi-Zap treatment. This method is exceptionally good at removing nicotine staining, grease or oil-based soiling and bleach the panels without risking further damages that may be caused with more abrasive wet-cleaning methods.

Specialized cleaning can restore your home to a preloss condition without resorting to expensive replacements, contact SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands at (863) 510-5962.

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After A Flood Causes Damage In Your Bartow Home, Our Experts Are Here To Help!

5/15/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage After A Flood Causes Damage In Your Bartow Home, Our Experts Are Here To Help! Call us at (863) 510-5962 as soon as the storms subside so we can come and restore your home to make it a safe place to live again.

Flood Damage Restoration For Your Bartow Home

Whether it is a flash flood or just heavy rains, when massive amounts of water come at your property in Bartow all at once, it can create a serious issue. You can not be prepared for every situation that can wreak havoc to your home, but it's good to have a plan for what to do should such an event occur.

Two essential things you need to do as a homeowner is to make sure you have sufficient flood insurance, and also know whom to call in the event of a flood. SERVPRO is always standing by to deal with flood damage in Bartow, and with our trained and certified technicians, your home can be restored so that it looked “Like it never even happened.”

After a flood situation in your home, SERVPRO technicians need to eliminate any safety hazards from the job site. Flood waters can be contaminated with sewage, debris, and chemical runoff. Signs are posted, and we wear the appropriate protective gear while we work, including full-body suits boots, respirators equipped with P100/organic vapor cartridges, rubber gloves, and protection for our eyes.

As we enter your home, we spray an EPA-registered disinfectant over the affected areas. We may also need to use containment if any contaminants have spread to unaffected areas. If needed, we remove any standing debris and silt, using rakes and shovels. Debris and silt are thought to be hazardous waste if they have any hazardous or regulated materials such as asbestos or lead.

We evaluate all the contents of your home to determine if they can be restored and decontaminated or if they have to be removed and replaced. Decisions like this depend mainly on the porosity of the material and the kind of contamination. Many times, in a flooding disaster, carpeting, and any drywall affected needs to be replaced. We can cut the drywall up to where the water level was and replace what was cut out.

Besides restoring your property in Medulla, Dundee, or Babson Park after a flood, the goal of SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands is to keep you and your family, and our workers safe during restoration. Call us at (863) 510-5962 as soon as the storms subside so we can come and restore your home to make it a safe place to live again.

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Our Fire Damage Professionals Can Restore Your Home In Bartow To Pre-Damage Condition

5/7/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Our Fire Damage Professionals Can Restore Your Home In Bartow To Pre-Damage Condition Call us at (863) 510-5962, year-round, 24/7, to get your home’s contents clean and odor-free again.

Managing The Restoration Of Your Belongings After Fire Damage Occurs In Your Home In Bartow

Homeowners in Bartow own many diverse things, from fragile heirloom items to the latest technology, and everything in between. Each one can sustain damage during a disaster, requiring specific types of cleaning and other restorative work. At SERVPRO, we have the skills and equipment available to make everything “Like it never even happened.”

The belongings kept in your residence in Bartow can sustain smoke and fire damage, even during small fires. Extensive areas of your home do not need to become charred and turned to ashes for your possessions to become covered in soot. Even slight layers of smoke residue can create problems for you.

Soot is highly abrasive, although it feels otherwise. This is because the particles that corrode surfaces are microscopic, albeit extremely sharp. We remove the soot, including those particles that would mar wood furniture, chrome, and other highly polished surfaces. Smoke residue slowly becomes denser and less viscous, drying on the surface. Hardened residue can lead to problems with mechanical items, from toys to kitchen equipment. The sooner SERVPRO can begin cleaning such things, the faster we can finish each affected room’s contents for you.

Many times, odors also affect the items in a house while a fire burns. Even things located far away can end up smelling off and unpleasant. Thermal fogging can kill unwanted smoke odors from your residence and leave things smelling like they did before the accident.

We have the machinery to clean children’s toys, including stuffed items, removing the soot and any other foreign substances. Afterward, many things feel, smell, and look like they did when you first purchased them. Our ultrasonic equipment works for other items, also. Anything that you can wash in water can also get restored in the water bath in our equipment.

SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands always has a smoke and fire restoration crew ready to serve residents in Highland City, Mulberry, and Frostproof when smoke and soot affect their belongings. Call us at (863) 510-5962, year-round, 24/7, to get your home’s contents clean and odor-free again.

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When is the Right Time to Start Water Damage Remediation in Bartow

4/30/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage When is the Right Time to Start Water Damage Remediation in Bartow If this mishap happens don't try and tackle the job alone. Contact SERVPRO today for all your water damage remediation needs.

You Need Prompt Flood Water Removal in Bartow After Flash Flooding Occurs

Heavy rain can cause flash flooding in urban areas with paved surfaces like parking lots, roads, highways, and driveways. These surfaces minimize the surface area available to absorb rainwater. The rainwater is redirected into the city storm drain systems, and flooding results when it overwhelms them.

Most flash floods occur when rain falls within a short time, typically within minutes or hours of the heavy rain event. To prevent the damage that flood waters can cause, you need to hire professionals who offer quick flood water removal in Bartow. You can let the competent professionals at SERVPRO handle the job of removing the water and restoring your property. We have expertise in different types of water damage restoration and the equipment to work in a water-damaged environment.

Flood damage can threaten the structural integrity of your home and is hazardous to its inhabitants. Our SERVPRO team can evaluate the situation to determine the extent of the damage and the wet areas to ensure complete restoration. We can remove any standing water using industrial-strength wet/dry vacuums to begin the remediation process. Our technicians extract as much water as possible to expedite drying. Flood water contains microorganisms and can ruin the carpeting in your home. Our protocol is to remove and replace the carpeting in black water damages.

Our technicians also measure the area in a room and take relative humidity and temperature measurements to know how many dehumidifiers and air movers should be used to dry out a home. We use moisture meters to determine if there is moisture in the walls. If such moisture exists, we position specialized equipment like dehumidifiers to deliver warm, dry air in the affected areas. We can also use air movers to remove the moisture in hardwood flooring and structural materials. Moisture meters also enable us to measure and document the drying process so that we can be confident that a structure is dry and back to its pre-water damage condition.

If flood water has entered your home, SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands can extract it and dry your property to prevent additional damage. Contact us 24/7 at (863) 510-5962 for fast and efficient flood damage restoration services. We can make the flooding incident look “Like it never even happened.”

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Our Water Damage Technicians Can Restore Your Bartow Restaurants

4/16/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Our Water Damage Technicians Can Restore Your Bartow Restaurants You can reach our crew at (863) 510-5962 any time. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Fixing Commercial Water Damage In Bartow Restaurants

When people visit your restaurant, they expect good food, a great ambiance, and fast service. A water spill affecting the entire facility or just a small section can throw everything off balance ruining the experience for customers. The incident might seem minor, but you can lose first-time customers for good and anyone they might have referred to your business. Responding correctly to water loss in your Bartow restaurant helps retain the good name of your business.

Fast extraction of is crucial after an incident of water damage in Bartow restaurants to restore normal operations. It could be disastrous if people who made reservations find the place swamped or if the restaurant cancels their reservations at the last minute. Our SERVPRO technicians respond to water spills with sophisticated extraction equipment including truck-mounted water extractors enabling us to remove all pooling water fast. If the water causes no other damages, you can resume service to customers within a few hours.

Water can cause issues that ruin the ambiance of the restaurant, so water extraction alone might not be sufficient. If the water spills from a high point, it can cause the paint on the walls or ceiling to peel. Restoring such damages is necessary to maintain visual appeal. Our SERVPRO technicians are qualified in building services allowing them to renovate the physical damage including peeled paint and stains caused by chemical changes on surfaces. Such renovation ensures that your clients enjoy the same ambiance they normally enjoy.

Water loss in a restaurant leaves high levels of relative humidity, which can cause other problems such as deterioration of foodstuffs. It can also leave a bad odor or mold issues. Our SERVPRO technicians advanced moisture detection equipment including thermo-hygrometers to check the humidity levels in and outside the property. We also use FLIR thermal cameras to check for moisture in concealed areas, which can remain hidden even after restoring the other areas.

In case of water loss or other related issues in your restaurant, call SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands to help. You can reach our crew at (863) 510-5962 any time. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Our Professional Remediation Team Will Restore Your Bartow Home

4/5/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Our Professional Remediation Team Will Restore Your Bartow Home We have the experience and the necessary equipment to restore your home of any flood damage. Call us right away we are here for you 24/7.

Flooding Restoration for Your Bartow Residence

When flooding in Bartow is imminent, sandbagging is a good option for the first defense and slowing the water down. However, what can you do it minimize the damage when the rising river threatens your basement? There are three critical phases when it comes to water rising in your basement – a few inches of water, a few feet of water, or water which reaches your electrical panel.

No matter how severe the flooding in your Bartow home is, you want to contact a professional remediation company for help restoring your home. SERVPRO staff is well-trained and experienced, plus we have the right tools for the job. When you ask us for help with flood damage, you can expect to get the best skills and service possible.

When floodwaters enter your home, your priority is the electricity in your home. As everyone knows, water and electricity do not mix. That is why even before sandbagging, you need to be ready to secure your electrical system the best you can. If any appliances are sitting on the floor in your basement, raise them off the floor or take them to the upper floors if possible. If the waters have already entered, never go into the water to mess with your electrical circuit box, as you can be electrocuted. Exit your home, get everyone to safety, and then call professionals for help.

SERVPRO technicians always take safety precautions when dealing with a flooded home. We check for dangers before entering and always wear protective gear to protect us from possible contaminants such as chemical runoff and sewage.

We use truck-mounted pumps to remove as much of the standing water as possible before we can proceed with the drying process. Dehumidifiers and industrial fans help us to dry the affected area and the air in your home out to the normal levels of humidity. These machines are monitored daily to ensure the fastest drying times so we can prevent additional damage such as mold growth.

After the flooding, even if it appears safe, make sure you have an electrician inspect your wiring before turning anything back on which was wet. Resistance shorts can heat the wiring and cause a fire.

SERVPRO of Bartow/Lakeland Highlands is available to help you dry your home in Frostproof, Eagle Lake, or Polk County after flooding anytime you need us. We can be reached by dialing (863) 510-5962, so do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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We Can Restore Your Home In Bartow After A Water Damage Emergency

3/28/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage We Can Restore Your Home In Bartow After A Water Damage Emergency Get your home back to preloss conditions, contact SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands at (863) 510-5962 now.

Water Damage And Microbe Restoration In Bartow

These days, it is difficult to talk about water restoration without talking about microbes. All types of water contain microbes which are usually not a problem. However, where there are large quantities of standing water that has been left to dwell, these microbes can proliferate forming mold colonies and causing your water category to deteriorate through contamination.

A household with water damage in Bartow should seek immediate help. Microbes can enter your body by being inhaled, swallowed or absorbed through the skin. Since water provides the perfect conditions for these types of growth, ensuring your property is thoroughly cleaned and dried can guard against costly secondary damages.

SERVPRO has a range of drying equipment at our disposal which can be mobilized quickly. For standing water above two inches, we can deploy gas-powered pumps. To help draw moisture from carpets, floors, and fittings, we can use portable water extractors or rapid air-movers.

Most equipment for drying a property uses hot air to move particles around and evaporate moisture. The issue with this method is that it can significantly raise humidity levels in your home. Humidity levels of 65% can provide the ideal conditions for mold spores to settle and proliferate. SERVPRO uses thermal hygrometers to measure humidity levels throughout service and restore them to their natural level in the home.

When surfaces come into contact with water they could become infected with the microbial matter. SERVPRO use a range of chemical agents including anti-microbial treatment, disinfectants, sanitizers, and fungistats. These cleaning chemicals can be applied to surfaces to kill microbes or reduce the likelihood of them spreading and forming fully-fledged colonies.

Water restoration is changing, with an extensive focus on the secondary damages that can become a huge problem for homeowners. We are continually adapting our approach to ensure that we deal with both the primary and secondary issues occurring with property damages.

Get your home back to preloss conditions, contact SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands at (863) 510-5962 now.

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Our Technicians Discuss Common Causes Of Fire Damage In Your Lakeland Home

3/19/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Our Technicians Discuss Common Causes Of Fire Damage In Your Lakeland Home If you do happen to suffer from a fire, call SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands at (863) 510-5962 any day of the week.

Lakeland's Fire Damage Team Explains Common Causes And Prevention

The odds your house in Lakeland will suffer from a fire are less than one percent, but precautions are still necessary. Even though the odds a person's home will suffer from fire damage are only one in four in a lifetime, if it does happen it can be devastating. Once flames break out inside a building, they can quickly spread. If the inferno is hot enough and receives enough oxygen, then it can consume many of the building materials and contents of your home. If even minor fire damage ever occurs, it is wise to call in a professional company such as SERVPRO.

Any time something ignites inside or outside your structure, flammable items are at risk. Sometimes your fire damage problem in Lakeland can be very severe, whereas other times the issues can be minuscule. However, even the smallest fires can cause issues that will stick around well after the blaze gets extinguished unless mitigation occurs. Even just a little bit of smoke can ruin objects inside your house. According to our SERVPRO experts, the best way to prevent anything on your property from burning is to know the common causes of structural blazes.

When you know what can commonly cause flammable items to ignite, it is easier to keep it from happening. Cooking and cooking equipment are the leading causes of house fires. When cooking always stay in the kitchen and keep any flammable items away from heat sources.

Technically, the second most common cause is careless smoking but since that can be easily prevented the second leading cause is heating equipment. Portable heaters are one common source as well as fireplaces. It is wise to keep your fireplace clean and to not place portable heaters near anything combustible.

Next, on the list are electrical system failures. If fuses start to trip easily or lights start to randomly dim, then that could be a warning sign. Making sure all of your plugs are working properly and the cords on electrical appliances are in good condition can save you from electrical shorts.

If you do happen to suffer from a fire, call SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands at (863) 510-5962 any day of the week.

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Contact SERVPRO for Your Water Damage Restoration Needs in Lakeland

3/10/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Contact SERVPRO for Your Water Damage Restoration Needs in Lakeland Don't let a bathtub overflow cause problems for your house. Call SERVPRO of Bartow/Lakeland Highlands for your water damage restoration needs.

Never Panic when Your Lakeland Home Experiences a Water Damage Incident

Several factors may cause water damage in your property. Whether you accidentally left your tap running or the situation resulted from a pipe burst, you have to act fast. While you can shut off the main water supply of your home and prevent the water from running, you still need the assistance of a professional. Our technicians can inspect your property and perform the necessary water removal procedures to return your Lakeland property to its former state.

There are many factors which determine the type of Lakeland water damage restoration measures we put in place in your home. The size of the area that needs to be restored together with the amount of time the water has been at the site may determine the procedures we employ. It explains why we start by performing a site inspection once we arrive at your property. With the inspection, our SERVPRO technicians are in a position to come up with a clear project timeline and the necessary restoration procedures.
It is the work of our SERVPRO technicians to prevent further damage. Additional damage is likely to take place when the water problem is not fixed as soon as possible. By setting up dehumidifiers and air movers, we can start to dry the wet locations. The two equipment work hand in hand to restore a water damaged building. As dry air moves on wet surfaces, it forces the moisture into the surrounding areas. This moisture may create conditions that favor mold growth, which is why we set up dehumidifiers to absorb this moisture.
We have the equipment to remove any standing water from your home. Through the use of vacuuming, we can suck the water from the floor. In some cases, we might use submersible pumps to do the job. The type of the contents within the structure determine the time we take to perform water removal and drying procedures.
SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands is an industry leader in mold remediation, water damage, storm damage, and fire damage restoration. Call (863) 510-5962 when you need to work with a locally owned and trusted service provider.

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