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Our Water Damage Technicians Can Restore Your Bartow Restaurants

4/16/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Our Water Damage Technicians Can Restore Your Bartow Restaurants You can reach our crew at (863) 510-5962 any time. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Fixing Commercial Water Damage In Bartow Restaurants

When people visit your restaurant, they expect good food, a great ambiance, and fast service. A water spill affecting the entire facility or just a small section can throw everything off balance ruining the experience for customers. The incident might seem minor, but you can lose first-time customers for good and anyone they might have referred to your business. Responding correctly to water loss in your Bartow restaurant helps retain the good name of your business.

Fast extraction of is crucial after an incident of water damage in Bartow restaurants to restore normal operations. It could be disastrous if people who made reservations find the place swamped or if the restaurant cancels their reservations at the last minute. Our SERVPRO technicians respond to water spills with sophisticated extraction equipment including truck-mounted water extractors enabling us to remove all pooling water fast. If the water causes no other damages, you can resume service to customers within a few hours.

Water can cause issues that ruin the ambiance of the restaurant, so water extraction alone might not be sufficient. If the water spills from a high point, it can cause the paint on the walls or ceiling to peel. Restoring such damages is necessary to maintain visual appeal. Our SERVPRO technicians are qualified in building services allowing them to renovate the physical damage including peeled paint and stains caused by chemical changes on surfaces. Such renovation ensures that your clients enjoy the same ambiance they normally enjoy.

Water loss in a restaurant leaves high levels of relative humidity, which can cause other problems such as deterioration of foodstuffs. It can also leave a bad odor or mold issues. Our SERVPRO technicians advanced moisture detection equipment including thermo-hygrometers to check the humidity levels in and outside the property. We also use FLIR thermal cameras to check for moisture in concealed areas, which can remain hidden even after restoring the other areas.

In case of water loss or other related issues in your restaurant, call SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands to help. You can reach our crew at (863) 510-5962 any time. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Our Professional Remediation Team Will Restore Your Bartow Home

4/5/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Our Professional Remediation Team Will Restore Your Bartow Home We have the experience and the necessary equipment to restore your home of any flood damage. Call us right away we are here for you 24/7.

Flooding Restoration for Your Bartow Residence

When flooding in Bartow is imminent, sandbagging is a good option for the first defense and slowing the water down. However, what can you do it minimize the damage when the rising river threatens your basement? There are three critical phases when it comes to water rising in your basement – a few inches of water, a few feet of water, or water which reaches your electrical panel.

No matter how severe the flooding in your Bartow home is, you want to contact a professional remediation company for help restoring your home. SERVPRO staff is well-trained and experienced, plus we have the right tools for the job. When you ask us for help with flood damage, you can expect to get the best skills and service possible.

When floodwaters enter your home, your priority is the electricity in your home. As everyone knows, water and electricity do not mix. That is why even before sandbagging, you need to be ready to secure your electrical system the best you can. If any appliances are sitting on the floor in your basement, raise them off the floor or take them to the upper floors if possible. If the waters have already entered, never go into the water to mess with your electrical circuit box, as you can be electrocuted. Exit your home, get everyone to safety, and then call professionals for help.

SERVPRO technicians always take safety precautions when dealing with a flooded home. We check for dangers before entering and always wear protective gear to protect us from possible contaminants such as chemical runoff and sewage.

We use truck-mounted pumps to remove as much of the standing water as possible before we can proceed with the drying process. Dehumidifiers and industrial fans help us to dry the affected area and the air in your home out to the normal levels of humidity. These machines are monitored daily to ensure the fastest drying times so we can prevent additional damage such as mold growth.

After the flooding, even if it appears safe, make sure you have an electrician inspect your wiring before turning anything back on which was wet. Resistance shorts can heat the wiring and cause a fire.

SERVPRO of Bartow/Lakeland Highlands is available to help you dry your home in Frostproof, Eagle Lake, or Polk County after flooding anytime you need us. We can be reached by dialing (863) 510-5962, so do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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We Can Restore Your Home In Bartow After A Water Damage Emergency

3/28/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage We Can Restore Your Home In Bartow After A Water Damage Emergency Get your home back to preloss conditions, contact SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands at (863) 510-5962 now.

Water Damage And Microbe Restoration In Bartow

These days, it is difficult to talk about water restoration without talking about microbes. All types of water contain microbes which are usually not a problem. However, where there are large quantities of standing water that has been left to dwell, these microbes can proliferate forming mold colonies and causing your water category to deteriorate through contamination.

A household with water damage in Bartow should seek immediate help. Microbes can enter your body by being inhaled, swallowed or absorbed through the skin. Since water provides the perfect conditions for these types of growth, ensuring your property is thoroughly cleaned and dried can guard against costly secondary damages.

SERVPRO has a range of drying equipment at our disposal which can be mobilized quickly. For standing water above two inches, we can deploy gas-powered pumps. To help draw moisture from carpets, floors, and fittings, we can use portable water extractors or rapid air-movers.

Most equipment for drying a property uses hot air to move particles around and evaporate moisture. The issue with this method is that it can significantly raise humidity levels in your home. Humidity levels of 65% can provide the ideal conditions for mold spores to settle and proliferate. SERVPRO uses thermal hygrometers to measure humidity levels throughout service and restore them to their natural level in the home.

When surfaces come into contact with water they could become infected with the microbial matter. SERVPRO use a range of chemical agents including anti-microbial treatment, disinfectants, sanitizers, and fungistats. These cleaning chemicals can be applied to surfaces to kill microbes or reduce the likelihood of them spreading and forming fully-fledged colonies.

Water restoration is changing, with an extensive focus on the secondary damages that can become a huge problem for homeowners. We are continually adapting our approach to ensure that we deal with both the primary and secondary issues occurring with property damages.

Get your home back to preloss conditions, contact SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands at (863) 510-5962 now.

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Our Technicians Discuss Common Causes Of Fire Damage In Your Lakeland Home

3/19/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Our Technicians Discuss Common Causes Of Fire Damage In Your Lakeland Home If you do happen to suffer from a fire, call SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands at (863) 510-5962 any day of the week.

Lakeland's Fire Damage Team Explains Common Causes And Prevention

The odds your house in Lakeland will suffer from a fire are less than one percent, but precautions are still necessary. Even though the odds a person's home will suffer from fire damage are only one in four in a lifetime, if it does happen it can be devastating. Once flames break out inside a building, they can quickly spread. If the inferno is hot enough and receives enough oxygen, then it can consume many of the building materials and contents of your home. If even minor fire damage ever occurs, it is wise to call in a professional company such as SERVPRO.

Any time something ignites inside or outside your structure, flammable items are at risk. Sometimes your fire damage problem in Lakeland can be very severe, whereas other times the issues can be minuscule. However, even the smallest fires can cause issues that will stick around well after the blaze gets extinguished unless mitigation occurs. Even just a little bit of smoke can ruin objects inside your house. According to our SERVPRO experts, the best way to prevent anything on your property from burning is to know the common causes of structural blazes.

When you know what can commonly cause flammable items to ignite, it is easier to keep it from happening. Cooking and cooking equipment are the leading causes of house fires. When cooking always stay in the kitchen and keep any flammable items away from heat sources.

Technically, the second most common cause is careless smoking but since that can be easily prevented the second leading cause is heating equipment. Portable heaters are one common source as well as fireplaces. It is wise to keep your fireplace clean and to not place portable heaters near anything combustible.

Next, on the list are electrical system failures. If fuses start to trip easily or lights start to randomly dim, then that could be a warning sign. Making sure all of your plugs are working properly and the cords on electrical appliances are in good condition can save you from electrical shorts.

If you do happen to suffer from a fire, call SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands at (863) 510-5962 any day of the week.

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Contact SERVPRO for Your Water Damage Restoration Needs in Lakeland

3/10/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Contact SERVPRO for Your Water Damage Restoration Needs in Lakeland Don't let a bathtub overflow cause problems for your house. Call SERVPRO of Bartow/Lakeland Highlands for your water damage restoration needs.

Never Panic when Your Lakeland Home Experiences a Water Damage Incident

Several factors may cause water damage in your property. Whether you accidentally left your tap running or the situation resulted from a pipe burst, you have to act fast. While you can shut off the main water supply of your home and prevent the water from running, you still need the assistance of a professional. Our technicians can inspect your property and perform the necessary water removal procedures to return your Lakeland property to its former state.

There are many factors which determine the type of Lakeland water damage restoration measures we put in place in your home. The size of the area that needs to be restored together with the amount of time the water has been at the site may determine the procedures we employ. It explains why we start by performing a site inspection once we arrive at your property. With the inspection, our SERVPRO technicians are in a position to come up with a clear project timeline and the necessary restoration procedures.
It is the work of our SERVPRO technicians to prevent further damage. Additional damage is likely to take place when the water problem is not fixed as soon as possible. By setting up dehumidifiers and air movers, we can start to dry the wet locations. The two equipment work hand in hand to restore a water damaged building. As dry air moves on wet surfaces, it forces the moisture into the surrounding areas. This moisture may create conditions that favor mold growth, which is why we set up dehumidifiers to absorb this moisture.
We have the equipment to remove any standing water from your home. Through the use of vacuuming, we can suck the water from the floor. In some cases, we might use submersible pumps to do the job. The type of the contents within the structure determine the time we take to perform water removal and drying procedures.
SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands is an industry leader in mold remediation, water damage, storm damage, and fire damage restoration. Call (863) 510-5962 when you need to work with a locally owned and trusted service provider.

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Characterizations of Smoke and Fire Damage Cleanup in Highland City

3/7/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Characterizations of Smoke and Fire Damage Cleanup in Highland City Highland City Smoke & Fire Damage Can Be More Damaging than Initially Appears

SERVPRO Can Restore Damaged Properties from Fire & Smoke Incidents

Heating and cooling systems are precious during extreme weather conditions. However, a malfunctioned unit can cause a small fire where the system is housed. A sprinkler may be able to contain the fire and prevent it from spreading, but the smoke residues are always conspicuous. 
If a fire accident causes smoke damage to your property, SERVPRO is available to provide the necessary restoration services. Our technicians have years of experience and can reverse the fire damage on your Highland City residence in no time. We have advanced tools and products to deal with any emergency, and follow IICRC guidelines during the restoration process. 

Smoke residues come in different forms and shapes. Some are easier to remove than others. The most common types of soot SERVPRO technicians deal with are fuel oil smoke residues, protein smoke residues, wet smoke residues, and dry smoke residues. 
We use different cleaning methods during the fire damage restoration to eliminate different types of residues. Wet smoke is harder to get rid of than dry smoke. The nature of the smoke residues is determined by the sort of material burning, oxygen levels during the fire, and rate of combustion. 

Dry smoke is easier to remove because it carries few aerosols and transfers small, dry particles on the surfaces. Its odor is less pungent compared to wet smoke and may not require aggressive cleaning procedures to eliminate. However, dry smoke originates from hotter fires, subsequently causing relatively more heat damage and charred belongings.

Wet smoke normally contains a high concentration of aerosols like solvents, varnishes, and other liquid components. It, therefore, moves slowly, giving it enough time to penetrate enclosed areas and crevices that are usually not susceptible to faster-burning fires. The smoke leaves extremely hot oily residues on plastic materials, discoloring them in the process. In most cases involving wet smoke, replacing the damaged material is often more recommendable than trying to restore it. 
We plan to offer another blog soon on the problems of smoke odors and how we remove them. Often, especially in small kitchen fires, this is the main problem needing restoration--the air quality and elimination of noxious smells.

Small fires from appliances such as heating and cooling systems can cause moderate to severe smoke damage. When this happens, do not hesitate to contact SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands immediately to control the fire damage. We are available 24/7 at (863) 510-5962.

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Discovering Mold Damage in Your Highland City Home

3/7/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Discovering Mold Damage in Your Highland City Home It can be difficult to keep moisture regulated in your home's basement which allows for mold to grow.

Rely on SERVPRO’s Certified Team to Take Care of Mold Damage Found in Your Home

There are people all around the world that struggle with keeping the moisture regulated in their basements. With the general darkness and proximity to underground water sources and the resulting pressure, many foundations do not get constructed to the standards required to withstand years of this abuse. Such is the case with many Highland City homes whose foundations merely erode and weather over time, allowing moisture to seep through the block wall construction and into the basement. 

While moisture in itself can be a trying and difficult situation to manage, there is a more serious implication to allowing this problem to persist. Allowing a damp basement can often result in the presence of mold damage to your Highland City house, which creates a serious situation for all of the occupants of your home. With the understanding that mold can cause health effects, it is not something that you should leave to thrive unabated nor attempt to remove and remedy on your own. 

There is a reason that our SERVPRO professionals undergo extensive and involved training specifically centered around mold remediation and the latest methods of removal and restoration for all variety of fungus. The training makes us fully capable of handling any situation that we encounter, knowing the proper personal protective equipment and gear necessary to remove present mold colonies and restore the damage they caused. 

With any mold remediation, our IICRC certified SERVPRO mold remediation specialists work quickly to quarantine the affected area and prevent mold spores from traveling to new areas. Scrubbers are used to clean surfaces and contents that have active colonies, while negative air chambers prevent circulating spores from leaving the area and seating on new materials. 

Dehumidification and repair of the penetration points are strong steps to the remediation process. Locating the source of the moisture and removing it from the air can greatly limit the possibility of recurrence. 

With all that we know about fungal growths in houses, the present mold is nothing that you should leave to thrive for long. Our IICRC certified SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands team is ready to handle any mold damage you might battle. You can call us 24/7 at (863) 510-5962. 

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Water Removal Tools for Highland City Water Damage Approved

3/7/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Water Removal Tools for Highland City  Water Damage Approved  SERVPRO professionals use smaller portable extraction wands to remove water from carpets to protect them from being damaged further.

SERVPRO Offers Professional Water Removal Services

Flooding in most Highland City homes comes from both storms and more common sources. The first task to return each house to its original state is to remove the water. The key to correctly doing it is determining how quickly to accomplish it without causing further damage.

Water removal for Highland City homes like apartments, duplexes, and free-standing houses requires multiples tools and the training to use them. SERVPRO personnel uses large and small capacity pumps to remove standing water over two inches deep and extraction wands for smaller amounts and water trapped in carpets and wood floors.

We maintain various pumps depending on the task. We match the size of the home to the strength of the pump. For apartments and other, small structures a single pump with a lower lift and volume capacity is normally sufficient. Larger homes need multiple pumps with a higher capacity rate.

If there is a large amount of solid material in the water, we have to remove it before engaging the pumps. Once we begin operations, the water goes directly into the nearest sewer. If there is a septic tank, the SERVPRO team pumps the water into a tank truck for removal.

Next, come the extraction wands. Most of these devices we use are portable and connected to a small holding tank we pull along with the wand. For multi-story homes and commercial facilities, we also have extractors where the power source and the holding tank are both mounted on a truck. Each type of extractor has an adjustable rate of speed and vacuum. Many also have a heating component for carpets that we can dry as we remove the water.

Being able to adjust the vacuum and speed rates are important, especially for carpets. They are much weaker when wet, and the chance to pull apart the upper layer of the carpet backing is always a risk. That is why our IICRC-certified technicians prefer to use the portable wands whenever possible and use the truck mounted devices for industrial jobs and very heavy residential carpets with a thick pad underneath.

Pumps and extraction wands are only two of the tools we use to restore your home to its pre-flooded condition. Getting the most out of them and protecting your property requires training and experience. If you need our help, call SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands at (863) 510-5962 today.

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Proactive Measures for Commercial Fire Damage Remediation in Lakeland Explained

2/28/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial  Proactive Measures for Commercial Fire Damage Remediation in Lakeland Explained Your response to commercial fire damage at your business location can set the stage for future success. Contact SERVPRO today for remediation.

Minimizing Downtime When a Lakeland Business Suffers Fire Damage

Your Lakeland retail shop, restaurant, hotel, or other business can face a one-two punch when a fire devastates a portion of the property. Not only do you need to respond to the immediate concerns of charring, smoke, and soot cleanup, but you also must deal with the community’s perception that your business might be down for the count. Professional disaster recovery efforts go a long way toward restoring both the physical structure and the reputation of your enterprise.

Fire damage to your Lakeland business needs fast action from a team of fire remediation experts. Your first surprise might be the extent of water damage due to fire-fighting efforts. Your overall concern is to find a restoration business that can complete the broad variety of tasks necessary to make your customers feel “Like it never even happened” fast when they give your products or services another try after the fire cleanup.

Our SERVPRO technicians are certified in multiple IICRC specialties, preparing them well to tackle everything from water removal and structural drying to fire residue cleanup to odor elimination. Crew leads list priorities and devise a plan our employees rapidly implement. If some spaces in your business are unaffected by fire residues, we consider creating containment sectors, using physical barriers and technology like air scrubbers to prevent the drift of debris into the sections of your commercial property that can remain open to the public.

A proactive step any business can take is to work with us to develop a SERVPRO Emergency Ready Plan and Profile (ERP) before any disaster strikes. We assess the features and layout of your commercial property, making suggestions to limit fire risk and mapping out a preliminary list of action steps if a crisis occurs. You use our mobile app to provide a personalized profile, adding details and designating agents to act on your behalf so that no delay occurs during our fire damage restoration response.

SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands is a fire damage restoration industry leader in Polk County and the greater Tampa Bay area. Call us as soon as possible at (863) 510-5962 to get the ball rolling when your business faces a fire loss.

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Our Technicians Explain Following Crucial Procedures During Our Water Damage Restoration Process In Lakeland

2/20/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Our Technicians Explain Following Crucial Procedures During Our Water Damage Restoration Process In Lakeland Call SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands at (863) 510-5962 to assist you.

Importance Of Following Proper Procedures During Water Cleanup In Lakeland

A simple water spill in your Lakeland home has the potential to balloon into a myriad of problems if not handled properly. Proper cleanup involves combining and balancing different procedures to get satisfactory results. We are IICRC certified in handling water-related emergencies, so we utilize highly effective methods.

Among the aspects that affect water cleanup in Lakeland is the source of the spill. Water from a burst main pipe or overflowing sink does not soil the affected areas or leave any debris, so cleanup mostly involves extraction and drying. However, if an appliance such as dishwasher or aquarium leaks, the water contains detergents or food remains which you must address during cleanup. Our SERVPRO technicians have the necessary water extraction tools including dry-wet vacs and other extractors. We also bring different cleaning tools including power washers and professional cleaning agents to deal with any soiling after a water spill.

Once the water spills, it seeps into different materials like carpets, floorboards, and drywall. The water might also seep into concealed spaces like cabinets, wall cavities and below baseboards. A thorough cleanup exercise should remove all the water to prevent problems like bad odors that might develop later. Our SERVPRO technicians apply different tools and techniques to remove the water. After detecting the level of migration using moisture meters or thermal cameras, we can opt for specialized equipment such as the injectidry system to remove the water. We also use techniques such as cutting venting holes to help reach the water.

Apart from addressing soiling and staining, cleanup should also help prevent microbial growth, which is likely to occur after the water spill. Fast extraction of standing water is the first weapon against microbial growth because, given enough time, bacteria and fungi develop even in clean water. Our SERVPRO technicians also use EPA-registered disinfectants including formaldehyde, phenols or alcohols depending on the specifics of the cleaning task.

When done correctly, cleanup should restore your Bartow, Arcadia or Highland City home to preloss state. Call SERVPRO of Bartow / Lakeland Highlands at (863) 510-5962 to assist you. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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